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With Shantelle Bisson

"Without Losing Your Cool" is more than just a lifestyle interview series; it's a platform that delves deep into the thoughts, emotions, and struggles we all face. Shantelle fearlessly engages in candid conversations, challenging you to explore your innermost self alongside her closest friends and esteemed guests from the industry. Each episode offers profound wisdom and insight, leaving you with a renewed sense of belief in your ability to embrace life to the fullest. Shantelle's authenticity isn't just about discussing overcoming challenges; she embodies the journey, guiding you with unwavering support through your own path. In her weekly reminders, she ensures you never feel alone in your experiences, fostering a community where growth and flourishing are inevitable.

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018. Ask A Question: How to Help Your Kids On Your Healing Journey Without Losing Your Cool
As you’ll know from listening to my podcast, my parenting journey wasn’t always easy. Even though I have three AMAZING daughters, my own healing took our relationship into some dark places at different times throughout our lives…completely unintentionally!
017. Advocating for Equitable Cancer Treatment & Research Canada-wide ft. Helena Kirk

A message from Helena:

"I want Canadian kids to have the best chance at survival. We are focused on getting the first ever National Childhood Cancer strategy and in systems changes to ensure fast, fair and safe access to trials and treatments no matter where a child with cancer lives in Canada or how much money their family has. I want more kids to survive cancer like I did."

016. Creating Trailblazing Social Impact Within the Cannabis Industry ft. Trang Trinh CPA, CA

This one talks all about the Canna-culture.... that's right, Cannabis culture, the industry, CBD and its healing properties and much more.

And I am so excited to have this conversation with an incredible guest who is not just a leader in her industry, but a leader who is trailblazing the way for social change in every way.

015. Honoring Your Body's Natural Wisdom Without Losing Your Cool ft. Jenn Pike
Today we talk about the fifth vital sign -- your hormones, your period and all that goes along with it!
014. Ask A Question: Let's Talk About Sex Without Losing Your Cool

- How to fan the flames of connectivity and desire in your relationship/marriage

- Reframing the stories we tell ourselves about sex and how we have been conditioned to view it.

- Why it is important for you to discover yourself so that you can be authentic with your partner and have a healthy sex life.

013. Managing Blended Family Dynamics Without Losing Your Cool
In today’s episode, Dean shares the male perspective of being raised by stepparents, managing blended family dynamics, and the moments of life in between.
012. Living a Sustainable & Fashionable Lifestyle The Nudnik Way ft. Alexandra and Lindsay Lorusso
In today's episode, we explore what consumer responsibility and ethics look like and feel like, and how we can all find ways to be more sustainable and less wasteful.
011. Navigating Life Transitions, Parenting & Building Your Empire ft. Leisse Wilcox
In today's episode, we explore Leisse's journey on navigating harrowing life transitions such as divorce and navigating a cancer diagnosis, while also parenting and building your business — all at the same time!
010. Ask A Question: Navigating Post-baby Sex Without Losing Your Cool
Today, we will chat about various ways you can bring the sexy back (thanks JT!) into your marriage/relationship, and address all the factors that might impact your desire and libido before you go write off your relationship as doomed forever!
09. Building Resilience, Grit & Reinventing Yourself ft Cristina Carpio
In today's episode, we talk all about success, sacrifice, and reinventing yourself when you reach your rock bottom — whatever that looks like for you.
08. Standing Together In Unity Without Losing Your Cool
I am addressing the situation we have going on here in Canada, but more so exactly HOW we can come together in love, peace, and unity instead of further dividing ourselves or being unkind to each other as humans, as women who empower women.
07. The Art of Pivoting & Recalculating Your Life Coordinates ft. Sabrina Greer
This week on the podcast, I am chatting with the one and only, Sabrina Greer — my publisher, my good friend, and a woman of multiple talents!
06. Ask A Burning Question: How To Live With Adult Children Without Losing Your Cool
How do you raise your kids to be strong, independent people after experiencing trauma yourself, without passing that trauma onto them? And how do you live with adult children and maintain your cool?
05. Breaking Intergenerational Trauma Patterns ft. Trey Anthony
Today's episode, we talk all about:

- What it means to break intergenerational trauma patterns.
- Rising to the top of the world of television production as a black gay woman, 
- How impostor syndrome affects us all (we all have it), and how we can step into our self-worth and confidence, own our power.
04. Ask A Burning Question: How To Navigate Success and Ambition in Relationships
t is our very first "Ask Your Burning Question" episode, where I pick one question to answer every other Wednesday! 
03. Let That Sh*t Go ft. Nina Purewal
Nina faced an unexpected childhood tragedy, which inspired her mindfulness and meditation journey over twenty years ago.
02. How to Live A Non-Hurried Life Without Losing Your Cool
Join Shantelle in a solo episode where she takes you behind the scenes and shares with you her life's journey so far, who she is, how she has come to be the woman she is today.
01. Being Parented By A Bestselling Author ft. The Bisson Girls
Ever wondered what it means to be parented by a bestselling author who has written not one, but two bestselling books on parenting your kids and teens without losing your cool?