Without Losing
Your Cool

The Podcast

With Shantelle Bisson

Without Losing Your Cool Podcast is your inner circle. Here, you can sit with us, laugh, feel the feels, and grow! Each week, Shantelle brings to the table real-life experiences and raw conversations that uncover the curveballs that come at you in this messy, beautiful thing called life and hopefully help you get through them without losing your cool. Consider her your "been there, done that, but it didn't kill me, it made me stronger" cheerleader and BFF friend you've been looking for. Join us every Wednesday for some sassy tell-it-like-it-is truth bombs, moments of reflection, or have your burning question answered.


02. How to Live A Non-Hurried Life Without Losing Your Cool
Join Shantelle in a solo episode where she takes you behind the scenes and shares with you her life's journey so far, who she is, how she has come to be the woman she is today.
01. Being Parented By A Bestselling Author ft. The Bisson Girls
Ever wondered what it means to be parented by a bestselling author who has written not one, but two bestselling books on parenting your kids and teens without losing your cool?