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Without Losing Your Cool Podcast is your inner circle. Here, you can sit with us, laugh, feel the feels, and grow! Each week, Shantelle brings to the table real-life experiences and raw conversations that uncover the curveballs that come at you in this messy, beautiful thing called life and hopefully help you get through them without losing your cool. Consider her your "been there, done that, but it didn't kill me, it made me stronger" cheerleader and BFF friend you've been looking for. Join us every Wednesday for some sassy tell-it-like-it-is truth bombs, moments of reflection, or have your burning question answered.


028. Bouncing Back from Hardship Without Losing Your Cool
Welcome back to Season 2 of Without Losing Your Cool!   In this first episode of our new season, we’re diving deep into making lemonade when life throws you lemons.    How do you create a life you’re abundantly proud...
027. A Real Talk Sit Down with my Husband Yannick Bisson

It’s the final episode of Season 1 of the Without Losing Your Cool Podcast and I couldn’t think of anyone better to help me close out this season other than my amazing husband Yannick Bisson.

I’ll admit it, I was a bit nervous to have him on the show! I ask him the questions you all want to know, and that he never gets asked in interviews. We talk about relationships, fatherhood, his dreams, fears, and goals for the future. I love this conversation because it perfectly sums up our love for each other.

026. How to Get Your Sexy Back After Hardship Without Losing Your Cool
There are moments in our journey that are truly life-changing. This week, I’m answering a listener question from Ruby, who underwent four years of cancer treatment and is struggling to feel sexy again.
025. How to Feel More Connected to Self Without Losing Your Cool with Kurt Kelly

So how do we ground ourselves? How do we pause? How do we find stillness?

You’re going to love this conversation with Kurt on my podcast this week because we answer these questions, and he shares how to feel more connected to self, and all about what ‘Earthing’ is.

024. Navigating Kids Getting Older Without Losing Your Cool
In this episode, I answer Tracy’s question about navigating her relationship with her 18 year old son. It brought me back to when my girls were that age, and how important it was to have boundaries and to build an open, honest and trusting relationship.
023. How to Have Faith Without Losing Your Cool with Alicia Bucknor

Faith is so important to my husband Yannick and me, and it’s how we’ve built a strong foundation in our relationship, in business, in life, and everything in between.

Alicia Bucknor, The Royal Artist, joins me for this episode where we talk about how to have faith without losing your cool.

022. 53 Lessons I’ve Learned in My 53 Years
When I was thinking about what to share in this episode, I had a few different ideas, but I thought telling you about these life-changing lessons would be super helpful for you.
021. From My Community: How to Love Yourself Without Losing Your Cool
Today’s episode is such a special one. It’s the episode that comes out the day before my new book, Loving Yourself Without Losing Your Cool! So of course, I had to do something super special to celebrate the launch, and I thought ‘what better way to do that than ask my community of amazing women how they love themselves without losing their cool?”
020. Becoming Good Financial Role Models ft. Robin Taub

Growing up, I always found money to be something that was hard to get, that it goes as fast as it comes. Even when we started to make more money as the years went on, I still had that lingering belief of ‘what if it’s not enough.’

This is why today’s conversation is SO important, our kids need to learn how to reframe their own beliefs about money too! If you're a parent, this is for you. If you’re thinking about becoming a parent, this episode is for you. And if you are somebody like me, who, when you weren't a parent, you didn't learn about money at home, this episode is for you.

019. Chasing Your Core Dreams by Tuning Into What You Truly Want ft. Sabrina Sigalas
I’m so excited to share this conversation with my dear friend Sabrina Sigalas with you today. It’s packed with so many gems around navigating our own desires and balancing them with what our kids and families need from us.
018. Ask A Question: How to Help Your Kids On Your Healing Journey Without Losing Your Cool
As you’ll know from listening to my podcast, my parenting journey wasn’t always easy. Even though I have three AMAZING daughters, my own healing took our relationship into some dark places at different times throughout our lives…completely unintentionally!
017. Advocating for Equitable Cancer Treatment & Research Canada-wide ft. Helena Kirk

A message from Helena:

"I want Canadian kids to have the best chance at survival. We are focused on getting the first ever National Childhood Cancer strategy and in systems changes to ensure fast, fair and safe access to trials and treatments no matter where a child with cancer lives in Canada or how much money their family has. I want more kids to survive cancer like I did."

016. Creating Trailblazing Social Impact Within the Cannabis Industry ft. Trang Trinh CPA, CA

This one talks all about the Canna-culture.... that's right, Cannabis culture, the industry, CBD and its healing properties and much more.

And I am so excited to have this conversation with an incredible guest who is not just a leader in her industry, but a leader who is trailblazing the way for social change in every way.

015. Honoring Your Body's Natural Wisdom Without Losing Your Cool ft. Jenn Pike
Today we talk about the fifth vital sign -- your hormones, your period and all that goes along with it!
014. Ask A Question: Let's Talk About Sex Without Losing Your Cool

- How to fan the flames of connectivity and desire in your relationship/marriage

- Reframing the stories we tell ourselves about sex and how we have been conditioned to view it.

- Why it is important for you to discover yourself so that you can be authentic with your partner and have a healthy sex life.

013. Managing Blended Family Dynamics Without Losing Your Cool
In today’s episode, Dean shares the male perspective of being raised by stepparents, managing blended family dynamics, and the moments of life in between.
012. Living a Sustainable & Fashionable Lifestyle The Nudnik Way ft. Alexandra and Lindsay Lorusso
In today's episode, we explore what consumer responsibility and ethics look like and feel like, and how we can all find ways to be more sustainable and less wasteful.
011. Navigating Life Transitions, Parenting & Building Your Empire ft. Leisse Wilcox
In today's episode, we explore Leisse's journey on navigating harrowing life transitions such as divorce and navigating a cancer diagnosis, while also parenting and building your business — all at the same time!
010. Ask A Question: Navigating Post-baby Sex Without Losing Your Cool
Today, we will chat about various ways you can bring the sexy back (thanks JT!) into your marriage/relationship, and address all the factors that might impact your desire and libido before you go write off your relationship as doomed forever!
09. Building Resilience, Grit & Reinventing Yourself ft Cristina Carpio
In today's episode, we talk all about success, sacrifice, and reinventing yourself when you reach your rock bottom — whatever that looks like for you.
08. Standing Together In Unity Without Losing Your Cool
I am addressing the situation we have going on here in Canada, but more so exactly HOW we can come together in love, peace, and unity instead of further dividing ourselves or being unkind to each other as humans, as women who empower women.