028. Bouncing Back from Hardship Without Losing Your Cool

Welcome back to Season 2 of Without Losing Your Cool!


In this first episode of our new season, we’re diving deep into making lemonade when life throws you lemons. 


How do you create a life you’re abundantly proud of and happy to wake up to every morning? How can you find gratitude for the hard moments, knowing and trusting that they will bring you to where you want to be.


I’ve learned a lot about bouncing back from hardship and the importance of having a strong support system around me – in fact, you will hear from many of the strong, courageous people in my life through this season.


We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 

  • [3:30] The theme for this season + the kind of guests you can expect to hear from

  • [6:20] What the ‘growth stage’ really is

  • [8:10] Challenging your thoughts of not feeling good enough

  • [13:20] How are you REALLY doing right now?

  • [17:25] How to release the pain and trauma of the last few years

  • [20:15] Tips for taking care of yourself in hard moments

  • [28:10] Remembering that you are never alone


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Until next time remember to keep doing the hard things, and show up like you mean it! Without Losing Your Cool!