029. Why We’re All a Little Bit Broken (and It’s Okay) with Roz Weston


It’s true, we’re all a little bit broken. And sometimes, we need to share our stories, our collection of moments, with our community, friends and family who care about us the most.


Sharing stories is how we relate to one another. It’s how the broken pieces feel whole again, and it’s how we amplify our love, voice and message to elevate the planet.


In this episode, my longtime friend Roz Weston joins me on Without Losing Your Cool to talk about his new memoir, share stories of his childhood, and how we can all find the beauty in what feels broken.


What we experience and go through in life is how we begin to mend the pieces.


Roz Weston is a multi-platform entertainer and storyteller who hosts three shows a day and sleeps five hours a night. In 2013 Hello! magazine named him one of the 50 Most Beautiful Canadians. He has not made the list since. Growing up in a small town with above-average confidence but low self-esteem, Roz knew he wanted an audience, but didn’t want to be noticed. On TV and radio, as host of The Roz & Mocha Show, ET Canada Live and Entertainment Tonight Canada, Roz now entertains millions without ever having to see a single one of them. Roz, a college dropout, is a Canadian Music and Broadcast Awards winner, New York Festival of Radio winner, and Canadian Screen Awards WINNER. He is a former factory-line worker, Howard Stern intern and late-night TV talk-host. Roz lives in Toronto with his girlfriend, their kid and four cats. He still misses his dad.


We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [1:15] How to ask really great questions on a red carpet
  • [5:20] What it’s been like for Roz to do the morning show and ET Canada throughout his career
  • [11:30] How and why Roz decided it was the right time to write his book
  • [16:30] Being sexually assaulted and how it impacted Roz’s ability to process emotions
  • [26:15] Carrying the heavy burdens that life threw his way
  • [34:10] The impact his father’s death had on his life and journey with grief
  • [40:55] Why more men need to access their emotional selves 
  • [49:50] Transforming jealousy into celebration 
  • [55:25] Choosing to learn from a space of creativity and not work or opportunity
  • [57:24] Why Roz keeps his family separate from his career
  • [60:00] How he proposed to Catherine


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