025. How to Feel More Connected to Self Without Losing Your Cool with Kurt Kelly


Are you craving more connection to self? If you’re anything like me, your life is ‘go go go’ pretty much all the time. So how do we ground ourselves? How do we pause? How do we find stillness?

 You’re going to love this conversation with Kurt on my podcast this week because we answer these questions, and he shares how to feel more connected to self, and all about what ‘Earthing’ is.

We talk about:

  • [3:10] What is earthing
  • [4:30] What drew Kurt to earthing and how he incorporates it into his life
  • [13:30] Earthing sheets
  • [17:45] What is optimal grounding
  • [19:05] How you can detox from grounding
  • [21:30] The benefits of grounding 
  • [42:30] Tops tips to get grounded and back to your roots

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