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Slow down. Do Less. Live More.


The Without Losing Your Cool lifestyle is about embracing your innate courage, confidence, and badassery. Shantelle Bisson's books and talks offer straightforward advice and humor, empowering you to ditch perfectionism and live life without second guessing.



Guide the way you see yourself and the world while creating positive habits
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without losing your cool .

Shantelle's tough talk and tender thoughts will help guide you back to loving yourself.
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With 35 years of marriage under my belt and my kids now having flown the coop, I can confidently say I've made every mistake a person can make. I'm far from being the perfect wife, mother, daughter, or friend. Just like you, I'm a woman doing my best out here. I tackle my toughest days by being thoughtful rather than responding or acting compulsively. I encourage you to do the same.

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"It’s hard to write a book that matters, and even harder to bare your soul in it, but Shantelle has done just that — she holds nothing back and is honest, engaging, funny, and insightful."

Arlene Dickinson
CEO of Venture Communications

"This read is a necessity for those wanting an unfiltered yet empowering approach to parenting. Shantelle's narrative is both honest and comforting, invoking tears to belly laughs. Put your seatbelt on for this ride which takes you from losing your cool to intuitively knowing that you got this."

Nina Purewal
International Bestselling Author of Let That Sh*t Go

She brilliantly walks the line of being healthy parents who fiercely love and care for our children, without falling off on either the side of sacrificing our identity and relationships as they become the center of our universe, or the side of sacrificing them to our life and ambitions.