018. Ask A Question: How to Help Your Kids On Your Healing Journey Without Losing Your Cool


Okay friends, THIS is a question that really hit home for me. 

As you’ll know from listening to my podcast, my parenting journey wasn’t always easy. Even though I have three AMAZING daughters, my own healing took our relationship into some dark places at different times throughout our lives…completely unintentionally! 

I love that Amy asked this question about how to help our kids while we’re on our own healing journey as parents, and I’m so excited to share my thoughts with you because I’ve seriously learned SO much about this.

 So, how do we help our kids when we ourselves are on our own healing journey? First, let me say, you need to give yourself lots of compassion – this will go such a long way!


I give you my best tips for navigating this, and we talk about:

  • [3:10] The power in ‘taking pause’
  • [4:00] How seeking professional help can help us navigate tumultuous times
  • [6:00] My lowest point as a mom and what I did to move through it
  • [9:00] The importance of meeting our kids where they’re at
  • [15:15] Engaging in hard conversations in times when you feel like you can’t
  • [22:15] Recap of my best tips to help you heal and build stronger relationships with your kids

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Until next time friends! Do the hard things, and show up like you mean it! Without Losing Your Cool!