023. How to Have Faith Without Losing Your Cool with Alicia Bucknor


How many times have you turned to your faith in those really hard moments? I know I have countless times, in every hard moment, and in moments of deep gratitude. Faith is so important to my husband Yannick and me, and it’s how we’ve built a strong foundation in our relationship, in business, in life, and everything in between. 

Alicia Bucknor, The Royal Artist, joins me for this episode where we talk about how to have faith without losing your cool. Alicia is a mother, fashion abstract visual artist, social change artist, author, creative director, and fashion designer who promotes spiritual Royalty. 

We talk about:

  • [4:00] How Alicia got into the Arts
  • [13:30] The importance of Faith in Alicia and me’s lives
  • [17:30] How having Faith reduces anxiety and increases trust
  • [30:00] The life-altering event that shifted Alicia’s perspective
  • [49:00] What The Royal Artist is
  • [57:20] Alicia’s wellness journey

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Until next time friends! Do the hard things, and show up like you mean it! Without Losing Your Cool!