010. Ask A Question: Navigating Post-baby Sex Without Losing Your Cool


Hello friends,

Today's Ask A Question episode is going to get a little spicy! By now, y'all know that nothing is off the table with me. We are all about having unapologetic and open conversations about all things love, life, motherhood, business, and more!

On today's episode, we answer a question we received in our inbox:

How do you navigate feeling sexy, being more intimate with your partner after you've had the baby? Where does the sex go?

Well, tune in and listen in because there is something in this episode for everyone. Relationships take effort - conscious, intentional desire and effort.

Today, we will chat about various ways you can bring the sexy back (thanks JT!) into your marriage/relationship, and address all the factors that might impact your desire and libido before you go write off your relationship as doomed forever! I promise you, it's not doomed. You just have to discover a new way of supporting each other and making each other feel sexy. Fan those flames, keep the heat going.

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Until next time friends! Do the hard things, and show up like you mean it! Without Losing Your Cool!

And most of all, be kind. Lead with love, always.