026. How to Get Your Sexy Back After Hardship Without Losing Your Cool


There are moments in our journey that are truly life-changing. This week, I’m answering a listener question from Ruby, who underwent four years of cancer treatment and is struggling to feel sexy again. 

Admittedly, I originally didn’t feel qualified to answer this question, since I have not experienced cancer myself.  But then I thought about it, and decided that falling back in love with ourselves requires the same work and commitment whether you’re finding it post something hugely traumatic like fighting cancer, or if you’ve lost your partner, your home, or whatever you might be struggling to come back from.  So that said, I think you will find my advice helpful if you’re having trouble falling back in love with yourself too. 

We talk about:

  • [2:55] Ruby’s question
  • [7:45] Knowing your worth and value as a whole person
  • [15:00] Having hard conversations with your partner that will draw you closer together
  • [19:40] Tips to process hardship and get your sexy back


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