012. Living a Sustainable & Fashionable Lifestyle The Nudnik Way ft. Alexandra and Lindsay Lorusso



If you're a lover of high fashion, environmental change, and sustainability, well friends, you're in for a treat!

Say hello to Alex and Lindsay Lorusso, lovingly referred to as The Nudnik Twins. After working a collective 20+ years for Wasteco, a waste management company co-owned by their father, twin sisters Lindsay & Alex Lorusso started seeing, firsthand, the astronomical volumes of textiles polluting our landfills. A think tank (of sorts!) was created, dedicated to challenging this large, global problem. It became Nudnik's steadfast mission to clean up one of the dirtiest industries to date: Fashion. Their mission statement is to engineer 'Future-Proof' kidswear from pre-consumer textile waste that would otherwise pollute the planet. This powerhouse sibling duo is on a mission to disrupt a 3 trillion dollar industry!

Since launching in Toronto, Canada in late 2016, Nudnik has been making headlines throughout North America and Europe with their brand of 'FUTURE-PROOF' kidswear that's wrapped and shipped in zero-waste packaging.

In today's episode, we explore what consumer responsibility and ethics look like and feel like, and how we can all find ways to be more sustainable and less wasteful.

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