09. Building Resilience, Grit & Reinventing Yourself ft Cristina Carpio


Hey friends!

This week on the podcast, I have another incredible guest and dear friend—Cristina Carpio— a philanthropist, media personality, brand strategist, and the host of @goingglobaltv. Cristina is all about using her platform to make a difference and raise awareness about important issues that matter to Canadians by uplifting voices, telling inspiring stories, and most importantly, promoting diversity and equality. 

In today's episode, we talk all about success, sacrifice, and reinventing yourself when you reach your rock bottom — whatever that looks like for you. Cristina's journey is not for the faint of heart. I hope her story will help you become unstuck and know that in order to succeed, one must sacrifice first, and not be afraid of reinventing themselves. You are not building from scratch, you are building from experience.

Loved this episode? Connect with Cristina on Instagram @cristina.carpio01 and follow her ventures and journey with her to some of the world's most exotic destinations as you soak up her renowned travel TV series @goingglobaltv on Amazon Prime Video and Roku.

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