05. Breaking Intergenerational Trauma Patterns ft. Trey Anthony


Hey friends!

This week on the podcast, I am so freaking excited to bring to you another incredible guest and dear friend—Trey Anthony—  a visionary creator who uses the unique blend of comedy, theater, motivational talk, and her own life experiences to inspire and lift up others. 

She is a professional speaker, lifestyle coach, producer, author, and award-winning playwright, but she’s also “your girl” who tells it how it is. Through art, humor, and the power of a clear message, she’s here to give Black women the no-nonsense tools to take control of their lives and thrive!

Trey’s book, Black Girl In Love (With Herself) published January 2021  details her inner struggles to meet the demands of her family and the societal pressures of living up to the image of a “strong” black woman. Black Girl In Love (With Herself) will have you laughing and crying! Black girls around the world will be reimagining and reinventing their lives in order to push past these demands and truly come into their own on their own terms.

Today's episode, we talk all about:

- What it means to break intergenerational trauma patterns.
- Rising to the top of the world of television production as a black gay woman, 
- How impostor syndrome affects us all (we all have it), and how we can step into our self-worth and confidence, and own our power.

Loved this episode?? Get in Trey's energy and vibes by shopping her newly launched collection & getting tickets to her upcoming Black Girl In Love (With Herself)  tour in , LA & Toronto (Feb 5), Atlanta (Feb 10), Detroit (Feb 17).

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