03. Let That Sh*t Go ft. Nina Purewal


Hey friends!

We are back this week with an incredible guest on the podcast. She is not only a dear friend, but also an inspiration to many within her community--on a global scale. Say hello to Nina Purewal! Nina faced an unexpected childhood tragedy, which inspired her mindfulness and meditation journey over twenty years ago. After climbing the corporate ladder for nearly a decade, she took a sabbatical and moved to California to unplug and live in an ashram for a year to further her learning of ancient wisdom and letting go. It’s been her greatest passion to help others find happiness through adversity. With that, she founded Pure Minds, a social enterprise that conducts mindfulness and meditation workshops and is the co-author of the International Bestseller, Let That Sh*t Go.  She is also has a mindfulness and meditation app for kids with A Kids Company About and a host for one of their podcasts, It's Okay to Ask, where kids ask tough questions and kids answer them.

Disclaimer: This episode may contain material that might be triggering for some listeners. If you need to skip the first few minutes of it, it is completely understandable. If you need to take a moment and come back to listen to it, honor how you feel. Tune into your body and heart. If you need to speak to someone, please don't hesitate to reach out or connect with a trusted professional.

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