01. Being Parented By A Bestselling Author ft. The Bisson Girls


Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Without Losing Your Cool Podcast featuring Shantelle and her daughters, lovingly known as 'The Bisson Girls'.

Ever wondered what it means to be parented by a bestselling author who has written not one, but two bestselling books on parenting your kids and teens without losing your cool? Or better yet, maybe you're really waiting to nod your head yes to all the #momwins #parentingfails and all the things parenting memes are made of because we know you're thinking about it! You're in for a treat

Join Shantelle and her daughters on this special tell-all episode where they share their reflections on their childhood, the good, the funny, and the "we're never doing that ever again!"

Do we overprotect our children or are we simply too permissive?Do we ease up on our parenting styles as we continue to raise multiple children? Or are the rules the same for every sibling? Autocratic parenting, gentle parenting, and the effects of authoritarian/autocratic parenting on the psyche of a young child.Cellphones, social media bullying, and being brought up in the public eye and its impactDo you think both parents need to be aligned on how they choose to parent their children?The deeper meaning behind why your children throw tantrums or show disrespect.Building a relationship with your children instead of merely checking off boxes.Defying society's ideals of when you should be a parent and how many kids you should or shouldn't have. You aren't behind on anything in life. The only timing that matters is the one that feels right for you.While there are moments of sheer laughter thanks to the epic things and antic our human and fur children pull on us, this is a great episode for reflection on how you'd love to approach your relationship with your children in this new year. Just because things have always been done a certain way, or perhaps you witnessed yourself being parented a certain way doesn't mean you need to repeat that cycle with your children. Just because everyone in your social circle is getting married and having babies doesn't mean that you need to rush into anything if it feels forced. Honor you. Be you. Speak your mind. Follow your values and convictions without losing your cool!

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Until next time friends! Do the hard things, and show up like you mean it! Without losing your cool!