07. The Art of Pivoting & Recalculating Your Life Coordinates ft. Sabrina Greer



Hey friends!

This week on the podcast, I am chatting with the one and only, Sabrina Greer — my publisher, good friend, and a woman of many talents.

Sabrina is lovingly known as “The Book Doula” in her circles for her work “birthing brain babies,” AKA books. She is a serial entrepreneur, an 8x best-selling author, international publisher, mentor to authors, and the founder of YGTMedia Company, a boutique blended publishing house supporting purpose-driven humans. She has turned hundreds of aspiring writers into best-selling authors through a collaborative and educational approach. A born leader even from a young age, Sabrina knew she would teach and mentor on some level when she grew up. Sabrina holds a bachelor’s degree in developmental psychology and early childhood education and is a certified life coach and NLP practitioner, all of which strongly support her mission to empower and inspire others. When she’s not "in the books,” you will likely find her off exploring in nature, tending to her seventy-acre farmstead in the woods, being a mom to her three sons, four fur babies, and dozens of feather babies, and consistently choosing her own adventures!

Today's episode, we talk all about:

- How Sabrina went from model to mama and successful entrepreneur and publisher
- What it means to choose your own adventure and to lean in and embrace every experience as an opportunity to grow and expand.
- The difference between traditional publishing and YGTMedia's blended publishing model
- Why self-trust is the most important skill you can cultivate for yourself, your kids, and your clients.

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