059. Navigating Life's Seasons with Cheryl Hickey: From TV Host to Philanthropist and Mom



In this heartwarming episode, we sit down with Cheryl Hickey, a renowned TV Host, devoted mom, and passionate entrepreneur. Family is at the core of Cheryl's life, and she shares the profound influence of her mom, Lori, who serves as her role model. Join us as we delve into Cheryl's life as she balances her bustling career with her cherished roles as a wife and mother to two beautiful kids, Jaxson and Nyla, along with their lovable canine companions, Murphy and Buddy.

Cheryl's commitment to giving back to her community shines through her involvement in various causes close to her heart. As a Celebrated Ambassador for Plan International Canada, she spearheads initiatives like International Day of the Girl. Cheryl's philanthropic spirit extends to organizations like the Sick Kids Foundation and the Baycrest Foundation's The Brain Project, where she plays a pivotal role in making a difference.

Hailing from Owen Sound, Ontario, Cheryl's journey in television took flight during her teenage years when she volunteered at a local TV station. Inspired by the collaborative creativity of the industry, she pursued her passion and earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Fanshawe College. Cheryl's career in radio and television led her to a groundbreaking role as the first woman in Canada to shoot, switch, and report from a helicopter. She recently celebrated an impressive 20 years with Global TV, where she's been the Host of Entertainment Tonight Canada since its inception in 2005.

Throughout this engaging conversation, Cheryl takes us behind the scenes of her life in the entertainment industry. From sharing the story of how she landed her coveted role at ET Canada to the most challenging moments she's experienced on live television, Cheryl's candidness and authenticity shine through.

We also explore how becoming a mother transformed Cheryl's perspective on her career and the emotional and physical aspects of having a baby. Cheryl opens up about juggling multiple roles and career moves, emphasizing the power of manifestation techniques in achieving her goals.

The conversation touches on important topics such as ageism in the media industry and the significance of being mindful of what we consume on social media. Cheryl also delves into the profound connection between parenting and caring for aging parents, offering valuable insights into choosing how we approach life and embracing grace through trial and error.

Tune in to this inspiring episode as Cheryl Hickey shares her journey of purpose, positivity, and the wisdom gained through the changing seasons of life. Whether you're a fan of her work in the entertainment industry or a fellow parent navigating the joys and challenges of family life, Cheryl's story will resonate deeply with you.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [2:10] How Cheryl landed her role at ET Canada
  • [10:00] The heart of a team
  • [10:35] The most difficult experiences to live on camera
  • [14:00] How having kids shifted her perspective on her career
  • [19:50] The emotional and physical part of having a baby
  • [23:30] Juggling multiple roles and career moves
  • [28:25] Tapping into manifestation techniques
  • [33:40] Buying into negativity bias and choosing to find gratitude 
  • [36:20] Does she get stuck in the shoulds
  • [38:35] Ageism in the media industry
  • [43:50] Being mindful of what you're putting out and consuming on social media
  • [46:15] The connection between us as parents and our aging parents
  • [48:55] Choosing how we look at life
  • [52:20] Giving ourselves grace through trial and error
  • [57:00] How our hormones start to change as we get older

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