057. Radical Change, Truth, and Commitment to Transforming Your Life with Sarah Swain



Step into an inspiring world of transformation with this episode as we delve into the incredible journey of Sarah Swain. From stumbling into the realm of publishing to crafting the groundbreaking concept of "Monetize Your Mind," Sarah's story is a testament to embracing personal freedom and reshaping societal norms.

Discover the defining moments that led Sarah to break free from conventions and usher in a life rooted in independence, and peek into the chapter of recognizing our unique skills and contributions, as Sarah sheds light on the path to self-discovery. Amidst the noise of negativity, uncover how Sarah found the resilience to block out hate and foster innovation.

Delve into the nuances between ego, personal growth, and the courage to forge new paths. Witness Sarah's journey as she tackles business challenges while championing her causes, painting a picture of resilience in entrepreneurship and advocacy.

Sarah also teaches us how to journey through the heart of self-trust and authenticity, learning how these attributes fuel impactful change. Challenge societal dependencies and unravel interconnectedness, discovering actionable steps for creating change within your own sphere.

In 2017, Sarah Swain boldly left her publishing job, shedding her corporate identity and attire to embark on a self-trusting journey. From a mere idea, she evolved into a multi 6-figure business owner, guiding 100+ women to authorship and empowering countless others in online entrepreneurship. In 2021, amidst profound loss and upheaval, Sarah found her true self, liberated from external influences. Now deeply grounded, she's committed to restoring individual choice, enhancing financial well-being, safeguarding democracy, and fostering self-reliance, empowering others to shape their destinies.

Let Sarah’s narrative be your guide—an embodiment of audacity, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of authenticity.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [1:20] Her accidental journey into publishing
  • [5:20] Shifting into Monetize Your Mind
  • [7:10] Creating a life of freedom and changing the status quo for herself
  • [10:55] Taking the first steps to break through fear and doing something new
  • [13:15] How to recognize our skills and what we bring to the table
  • [14:25] Blocking out hate and negativity
  • [19:45] The greatest excuses when it comes to undoing your mind
  • [23:30] Stepping into and not shying away from tough conversations
  • [26:55] Being aware of the mirrors and how they present themselves in our lives
  • [28:25] Drawing the line between ego, self work and quitting
  • [34:20] Challenges Sarah has faced in business and how she navigated them while fighting the other fight
  • [40:10] Finding the courage to voice her concerns
  • [47:00] Facing backlash and criticism for speaking your truth
  • [50:50] Writing The Sovereign
  • [52:50] Standing strong in your personal self-trust
  • [60:00] Stripping away how dependent we are as a society
  • [1:02:15] How do you create change in your own world?
  • [1:08:05] Turning off the noise, the news and go deep within yourself

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