056. Developing Resilience, Mindset Mastery, and the Path to Inner Growth with Elvis Stojko



Today’s episode is the dose of motivation, hope and inspiration you need, as we have a truly extraordinary guest joining us – Elvis Stojko. He's a figure skating legend, a true trailblazer in the world of sports, and someone who has pushed the boundaries of both his body and mind to achieve remarkable success. 

Elvis takes us on a journey through challenges and victories, offering insights that extend far beyond the ice rink. We start by exploring his approach to handling recent setbacks, and transforming them into stepping stones toward growth. Elvis's passion for figure skating is a force to reckon with, and he shares the fascinating story of how his love for the sport ignited and set him on an extraordinary path.

Navigating the high school landscape while pursuing a distinctive passion is no small feat, and Elvis provides a glimpse into his personal experience, shedding light on what it meant to be a figure skater within those school hallways. Among the most valuable lessons Elvis imparts is the significance of self-reliance. He discusses how this skill not only shaped his prowess on the ice but also evolved into a guiding principle in his life.

Family serves as an anchor in our lives, and Elvis attributes his unyielding progress to his parents' steadfast support. Their strength became a cornerstone in his journey of growth..

Elvis dives into the concept of pushing one's limits, a theme he is intimately familiar with. He shares how his pursuit of excellence constantly drove him to challenge his own boundaries. Addressing the universal struggles of fear and self-doubt, he offers insights into not only understanding these emotions but also conquering them with practical advice.

Elvis Stojko, a renowned name in men's figure skating, began his ice journey at four years old, marking a trailblazing career. From historic jumps to consecutive World Championship victories, Stojko's triumphs highlight his unwavering dedication. His legacy extends beyond skating, encompassing a black belt in karate, authoring "Heart and Soul," and his induction into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame and the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 

  • [0:40] His most recent injury 

  • [3:20] Where his passion for figure skating came from

  • [6:45] What school was like for him being a figure skater

  • [11:00] Learning how to rely on himself and how it helped him with his skating

  • [15:30] Nature giving us the answers we need

  • [16:30] The support and strength he learned from his parents

  • [18:30] The power of developing a resilient mindset and how that carries you through really hard times

  • [24:45] Learning to know yourself and the impact of self-discovery

  • [25:45] Continuously striving to push your own boundaries

  • [27:00] Mastering lower vibrational thoughts and emotions and understanding where your fear is coming from

  • [29:45] Are you afraid of success?

  • [33:30] Elvis' competition rituals 

  • [39:15] Reframing fear in moments of uncertainty and doubt

  • [45:50] Where his inner strength and will came from

  • [48:30] Does he have any regrets in his life and career?

  • [54:25] Digging deep within to find your ultimate truth 

  • [59:00] My key takeaways from this episode

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