052. The Evolution of Self and Tapping into Purpose with Cynthia Dale



In this captivating podcast episode, we delve into the extraordinary life of Cynthia Dale, a 'triple sensation' in the world of acting, singing, and dancing. Join us as we explore the fascinating journey of four kids from the same household, all bitten by the performing bug, and how their love for the arts shaped their destinies.

As the spotlight shone upon Cynthia's path, it wasn't always an easy road. She talks about her candid account of overcoming bullying and embracing her uniqueness, forging the resilience that would lead her to acclaim. From navigating the impact of social media on the industry to weathering dry spells, Cynthia reflects on the evolution of her career.

The revelation of motherhood brought a new light to Cynthia's life, guiding her toward profound self-discovery. With heartfelt advice for those facing uncertainty, Cynthia shares her empowering philosophy of choosing optimism over victimhood, inspiring listeners to embrace their passions and forge their own destinies. 

One of Canada's most acclaimed and sought-after performers. She is a true and veritable 'triple sensation', garnering rave reviews as an award-winning actor, singer, and dancer onstage and on screen.

Cynthia has been working professionally since she was five years old when she began her career in a production of '"Finian's Rainbow" at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto. She has since worked extensively in theater from New York to Stratford, and on screen in countless film and television productions.

Cynthia began working in television as a young child, performing with Tommy Hunter and Wayne and Shuster and in many CBC variety specials.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [0:45] Growing up with sisters all in the business
  • [3:50] How four kids from the same household end up having a love for acting and performing
  • [4:40] Getting bullied in school for being different
  • [8:50] How social media influences the roles actors get
  • [13:25] Choosing to do what feeds your soul
  • [15:00] The light she found in becoming a mom
  • [22:10] Knowing where she belonged and what she wanted to do
  • [28:10] Dry spells within the industry
  • [30:05] The evolution of self in life and career
  • [33:40] Having a choice in victimhood vs. optimism
  • [38:35] The pull to Scotland for Cynthia and Peter
  • [42:10] Advice if you're feeling uncertain right now

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