050. Moving Forward in the Face of Loss: You Deserve to Thrive with Margo Sage



What do you do when life as you know it stops dead in its tracks, and everything around you comes crumbling down?

This is what happened to this week’s guest, Margo Sage, when her husband went into anaphylactic shock and subsequently cardiac arrest when their new baby was just a few months old.

In this heartfelt conversation, Margo opens up about the choices she made when her back was against the wall and the unimaginable loss she experienced when her husband, Bain, passed away.

We delve into the aftermath of his death and how Margo found solace in mindfulness, allowing her to connect with Bain in a different way. As a single parent, she shares how she navigated the challenges of raising her son amidst grief and loss, ultimately rediscovering her spark and opening herself up to the possibility of finding love again. We explore the complexities of blending families and the importance of having a will in place.

Discover how Margo found inner peace and spiritual alignment as she chose to start over, finding healing and guiding others through similar experiences. With her tips and insights, you'll gain valuable tools to navigate stress and anxiety in our ever-changing world. Join us as we uncover the tipping point and catalyst that transformed Margo's life and learn how you can find your own path to healing.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [1:20] The choice you have when your back is up against the wall
  • [4:00] How Bain died due to allergies
  • [12:15] What Margo did after he died
  • [17:20] Not reading the autopsy
  • [20:40] How her son grew up in the loss of his dad
  • [23:20] How choosing mindfulness allowed her to connect to Bain in a different way
  • [27:30] Opening up the possibility of having someone else in her life
  • [31:50] Getting her spark back as a single parent
  • [34:05] Does a child who loses a parent without getting to know them have any guilt?
  • [36:30] Meeting her husband and introducing him to her son
  • [41:20] Compromising in love and accepting the love you can receive from your partner
  • [43:50] Becoming a family and accepting her son as his own
  • [45:45] The importance of having a will in place
  • [56:15] The legal component of Bain's death
  • [57:55] How Margo chose to start over, and the inner peace and spiritual alignment it brought her
  • [1:02:25] Tips if you're in a similar situation
  • [1:04:05] The tipping point and catalyst to her healing

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