048. Unapologetic Authenticity: Monika Schnarre’s Journey of Empowerment and Reinvention



In this episode, the legendary model-turned-entrepreneur, Monika Schnarre joins me on the latest episode of Without Losing Your Cool. Join us as Monika shares pivotal moments that shaped her into the empowered woman she is today.

Monika takes us back to the beginnings of her modeling career, recounting the challenges and triumphs that propelled her forward. We delve into the art of reinventing oneself and embracing change, a skill she has mastered throughout her diverse career.

Discover the heartwarming tale of how Monika met her husband after a difficult breakup, and how love and resilience played a significant role in her life. She opens up about her incredible journey to conceive her son naturally, overcoming the emotional roller coaster of failed IVF attempts.


Throughout her modeling career, vulnerability was both a challenge and a catalyst for growth. Monika shares her experiences of traveling alone as a young model and navigating her relationship with her siblings, offering valuable insights into personal development.


Monika also reveals the pressures she faced as a young model, including the industry's standards on weight. We explore her courageous decision to pursue other creative projects beyond modeling, including her shift into acting, her role on Y&R and real estate career.


In 1986, at age 14, Monika Schnarre won the Ford Models "Supermodel of the World" contest, becoming the youngest model to ever win. In 2007, Schnarre became a volunteer Ambassador for Habitat for Humanity Toronto's Women Build program. After returning to Toronto in 2007 and living between there and Muskoka for years, Schnarre now enjoys a slower paced life in Collingwood with her young son. As of 2022 Schnarre is working as a real estate advisor for Engel & Völkers.


We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [1:05] How Monika started modeling
  • [9:25] Reinventing yourself over and over again
  • [14:45] Meeting her husband after a bad breakup
  • [17:45] Conceiving her son naturally after rounds of failed IVF
  • [25:25] Vulnerability that came throughout her modeling career
  • [30:30] Traveling alone as a model from a young age
  • [33:50] Her relationship to her siblings
  • [36:10] Dealing with negativity online
  • [40:45] How she feels about social media for her son
  • [47:00] Pressures she felt modeling at a young age, including weight
  • [49:30] Deciding to pursue other creative projects outside of modeling 
  • [50:20] Her shift into acting and being on Y&R
  • [55:20] The most iconic modeling gigs she has had 
  • [1:05:00] What her life looks like now
  • [1:07:00] What she wishes she could have done differently
  • [1:10:00] Doing things for people so long as they are deserving
  • [1:11:00] Understanding your love language
  • [1:13:00] How Monika plans to live out her future

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