047. Transforming Food Accessibility and Fighting Waste with Chef Jagger Gordon



In this episode, I sit down with Chef Jagger Gordon, an inspiring human who is dedicated to making food more accessible to those in need. Join us as we dive into Chef Jagger's personal journey as a single father and how it shaped his mission to create Feed It Forward and The Soup Bar. Together, we explore the core idea behind Feed It Forward and shed light on the issue of food waste in grocery stores.

Chef Jagger reveals his innovative approach of operating on a 'seed to feed' model, emphasizing the importance of running his non-profit organization with the support of dedicated volunteers. We also learn about his development of a free food sharing app and the expansion of his operation across borders, showcasing his commitment to making a global impact.

Throughout the episode, Chef Jagger shares invaluable insights on understanding where our restaurant food goes and leveraging best before dates to combat waste. He offers practical tips and suggestions for individuals to actively participate in reducing food waste and making a difference in their own communities.

Delving deeper, we discuss the contrasting realities of food waste in North America versus the rest of the world, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for improvement. Chef Jagger emphasizes the power of donating food to food banks and the positive ripple effects it can have on society.

Additionally, we explore the art of planning recipes, meals, and co-creating food together, gaining valuable wisdom from Chef Jagger's experience. To wrap up the episode, he shares how listeners can get involved in Feed It Forward and leaves us with one powerful piece of advice he would give to his younger self.

Executive Chef Jagger S Gordon has a legacy of philanthropic ventures he accomplished through his Not-For-Profit charity Feed It Forward. He has been awarded Canada’s Legacy Award, Volunteer of Canada Award, The Federal Community Leadership Award, Urban Legend Award, Entrepreneur of the year 2020, and is a Guinness Book of World Records holder. He is the author of three international best-selling books in which he shares the story of his determination, purpose, and undertakings.

Tune in to this episode featuring Chef Jagger Gordon to discover how his incredible journey and passion for food accessibility are shaping a better future for all.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [1:10] Making food more accessible
  • [3:30] Raising his daughter as a single father
  • [6:35] Creating Feed It Forward and The Soup Bar
  • [11:30] The idea behind Feed It Forward
  • [12:40] Food waste in grocery stores
  • [15:30] Operating on 'seed to feed'
  • [17:10] Running his non profit through volunteers
  • [19:20] His free food sharing app
  • [21:55] Taking his operation across the border
  • [25:50] Knowing and understanding where our restaurant food goes
  • [28:50] Utilizing best before concept dates on products
  • [33:50] How we can each do our part to reduce food waste
  • [42:10] The biggest differences in food waste in North America vs. the rest of the world
  • [48:00] The power in donating food to food banks
  • [50:30] Planning recipes, meals and co-creating food together
  • [53:00] How to participate in Feed It Forward
  • [59:30] One piece of advice to his younger self

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