045. Why You Need to Stop Apologizing with Shantelle Bisson




Welcome to Season 3 of Without Losing Your Cool podcast, where we explore how to navigate the often tumultuous waters life can throw at us. 

In this episode back, we’re diving into how to have TOUGH conversations without being rude, or shaming yourself. 

Why do we have the tendency to apologize after asserting ourselves? We’re exploring the dynamics at play when it comes to asking for permission to be assertive. 

I share why it’s important to be authentic in relationships and how to navigate difficult conversations with grace. We also explore the process of cultivating deeper connections rooted in love and finding the confidence to engage in challenging conversations. 

Tune in to understand the underlying reasons behind our fear of saying "no" and gain valuable strategies for fostering healthier communication.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [0:55] How to have firm, not rude, conversations
  • [1:40] Why do we always apologize after being firm?
  • [3:35] Men don't ask for permission to be assertive
  • [4:30] Being your true self in relationships
  • [6:25] Being able to have hard conversations
  • [7:50] Growing deeper relationships rooted in love
  • [8:35] How to find the confidence to have hard conversations
  • [10:35] Understanding why you're afraid to say "no"


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