044. Being Intentional About the Relationships and Connections You Make with Shantelle Bisson

Welcome to the Without Losing Your Cool podcast, where we explore how to navigate the often tumultuous waters life can throw at us. 

This FINAL episode of Season 2 is a solo episode with me. We recap the highlights of my guests in season 2, and also touch on the importance of relationships.

Are you intentional about the relationships you have in your life? Are you putting in the time, energy and effort they deserve? Where do they drain you and how do they better you?

I want you to think about the relationships in your life and the connections you make each day – how can you show up more fully? Be more present? And show gratitude right here, right now.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [2:55] Reflecting on the magic of Season 2
  • [4:30] What 'success' really is
  • [9:35] Why I don't make resolutions and how to be intentional in other ways
  • [10:55] How to become more intentional in relationships
  • [11:20] Looking at relationships from the other person's perspective


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Until next time remember to keep doing the hard things, and show up like you mean it! Without Losing Your Cool!