040. Your Words Matter: Are You Inspiring or Causing Emotional Damage?



Welcome to the Without Losing Your Cool podcast, where we explore how to navigate the often tumultuous waters life can throw at us. 

In this episode, we'll dive deep into the impact our words can have on others, both online and offline.

From talking about why people feel emboldened to say whatever they want on social media, to exploring why it’s okay to share controversial content, we'll unpack the underlying reasons behind our communication habits. We'll also examine how social media apps can better protect against hate speech and cyberbullying, and discuss the role we all play in fostering a more respectful online space.

This thought-provoking conversation will allow us to explore the power of owning our mistakes and taking responsibility for our words, rather than playing the victim. And we'll consider how we can each be more mindful and intentional about the impact our words have on others, both in person and online.

Join us as we dive into the important topic of mindfulness in communication, and learn how your words can either inspire or cause emotional damage.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [1:05] Why people feel like they can say whatever they want on social media
  • [4:05] Why we share things that may be controversial 
  • [6:30] How social media apps can do a better job at protecting the peace
  • [14:20] Knowing our role in how we speak to others
  • [18:30] Owning your mistakes and not playing the victim
  • [21:25] Is there a better way to be respectful in the online space?


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