039. Becoming Women that Empower Women with Crystal Andrus Morissette



How do we become women that empower women?

What does it mean to transform our mindsets and lives from the inside out?

We’re answering these questions as we dive into the world of self-discovery and empowerment with international best-selling author, Emotional Age and Communication Expert, and women's advocate, Crystal Andrus Morissette. 

With her expertise, Crystal will guide us through finding our inner truth and inner light, as well as learning how to move through feelings without labeling them.

In this episode, we'll experience a live visualization with Crystal to help us break free from negative emotion loops and release our attachment to desired outcomes. We'll delve into the evolution of women's rights and freedom, uncover the truth behind male fragility, and navigate the challenges of relationships with a desire for rich and fulfilling connections. We'll also explore the art of owning our greatest fears, and how to break free from limiting beliefs. 

Finally, Crystal will share the story of how she wrote her book, "The Emotional Edge", and started her business, the S.W.A.T. Institute, a women's empowerment coach certification program. Don't miss this enlightening and empowering episode!

Crystal Andrus Morissette (www.instagram.com/crystal_andrus_morissette) is an international best-selling author, Emotional Age and Communication expert, and women's advocate who is teaching women all over the globe to take charge of their stories, love ALL their parts and redefine themselves as whole, healthy, and empowered. She is the author of several books, including “The Emotional Edge: Discover Your Inner Age, Ignite Your Hidden Strengths and Reroute Misdirected Fear to Live Your Fullest.

Crystal is the founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer), an empowerment coach certification exclusively for women in over 45 countries. Crystal and the S.W.A.T. Institute are #1 on Google worldwide for 'women's empowerment' and 'empowerment coaching'.

Learn more about Crystal Andrus Morissette here: https://www.swatinstitute.com/

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [6:15] Finding our own inner truth and inner light
  • [8:30] Learning how to move through feelings without labeling them
  • [10:25] A live visualization with Crystal to help move through negative emotion loops
  • [17:30] Learning how to release the attachment of the outcome you wanted
  • [19:50] Looking at the stories in our lives and emotions as neutral
  • [24:10] The evolution of women's rights and freedom
  • [31:35] The truth behind male fragility
  • [35:35] Navigating the sticky parts of relationships
  • [39:25] Desiring rich and fulfilling relationships
  • [47:40] Figuring out and owning your greatest fears
  • [50:30] Owning the limiting beliefs we set for ourselves
  • [57:10] How Crystal wrote her book and started her business

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