038. Breaking Through Societal Stigmas with Mike Purewal



Despite being a significant issue, and one that is talked about more openly today than ever before, men's mental health is still a topic that is largely buried in stigma and taboo. 

For decades, our society has given into the stereotype that men are supposed to be tough, unemotional, and self-reliant, making it difficult for them to open up about their mental health struggles. The social stigma attached to mental health and the pressure to conform to traditional gender roles can make it challenging for men to seek help. 

Because of this, many men suffer in silence, and struggle with their mental health without any support. In this episode, we’re contributing to the conversation in a significant way with Mike Purewal (www.instagram.com/mike.purewal), as this conversation is centered around breaking through societal stigmas, in an effort to have provide support to those who need it.

Mike had a 20-year corporate career that led him to become a Vice President of Sales. But at the age of 41, he burnt out, crashing and hitting rock bottom. 

After leaving his corporate career, he found solace in writing. What started as a therapeutic release turned into kids' books that manifested in the most unexpected way. 

Stepping out of his comfort zone, he is now pursuing his passions and following his heart. He's taking acting classes and has signed with three agencies - the sky's the limit. 

Join us as we delve into Mike's journey and discover how he transformed from a burnt-out corporate executive to a published author and an aspiring actor.

Learn more about Mike Purewal here: https://www.mikepurewal.com/

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [1:30] Taking the leap and leaving the corporate world after 20 years
  • [2:05] Hitting a creative midlife crisis and choosing to follow his heart
  • [5:40] Creating space for the unexpected
  • [7:40] How Mike got into writing books
  • [11:00] Gaining credibility in an industry where you don't have any
  • [13:35] Mike's book series and his daughter's reaction
  • [26:40] Expectations of how Mike was supposed to perform as a man, husband and father
  • [42:10] Immersing himself in the Ashram

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