037. The Healing Power of Words with Donna Ashworth



What is the true healing power of words?

If you’re like me, maybe you scroll on social media (in what free time??) and are often stopped in your tracks by a powerful quote or piece of writing that pulls on your heart strings.

Maybe those words take you back to a moment in time and you smile at the memories, or maybe it’s something you need to hear right now as you navigate a hard and painful moment. In either case, words have the potential to shape and transform our lives in meaningful, beautiful and powerful ways, and give us perspective in both our happy and dark times. 

In this episode with Donna Ashworth (https://www.instagram.com/donnaashworthwords/), we delve into the tricky relationships we can have with our parents, and how those experiences can shape our writing. We also discuss Donna's journey to writing deep and profound poetry, and the space from which she writes.

Donna shares about her newest trilogy of books, and how she has navigated the challenges of being seen as too emotional or sensitive over the years. We talk about the importance of making peace with who we are and using it as our superpower.

We also explore aging gracefully from a mind, body, and soul perspective, and Donna's unique take on today's beauty standards, coming from an eating disorder background.

Join us as we explore the healing power of words with the one and only Donna Ashworth (https://donnaashworth.com/). 

Be sure to check out Donna’s books here: https://shop.donnaashworth.com/.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [3:40] The tricky relationships we can have with parents
  • [5:00] The journey to writing deep and profound poetry
  • [9:30] The space in which Donna writes from
  • [15:10] Donna's newest trilogy of books
  • [21:10] Being seen as too emotional or too sensitive
  • [24:25] Making peace with who you are and using it as your superpower
  • [32:05] Aging gracefully from a mind, body and soul perspective
  • [39:30] Donna's take on today's beauty standards, coming from an eating disorder background

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