034. Combating the Climate Crisis and Conserving Our Oceans with Dax Dasilva



It can feel like an overwhelming task to combat the climate crisis and conserve our oceans. 

A lot of the time we may think ‘but how can I make a lasting impact and difference on my own?’ But the truth is, all it takes is a bit of intention and commitment on our part, for us to make a collective difference together.

Really, when we make one conscious choice, we will make another, and will impact the people around us to do the same. If you’re ever doubtful of the impact you can make, remember how much power and influence you have in your own circle and community.

Joining me for this episode is Dax Dasilva, who has committed himself to making a real change when it comes to raising awareness around our climate crisis as well as conserving our oceans. He is investing his time, energy and money to our planet.

Dax Dasilva (www.instagram.com/daxdasilva) started software company Lightspeed in 2005 out of a Montreal triplex and grew it into a business valued at billions of dollars. After stepping down as CEO earlier in 2022, he’s been doubling down on his efforts to combat the climate crisis with his non-profit, Age of Union (https://ageofunion.com/).

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [1:45] How Lightspeed was born
  • [7:45] Leveraging Lightspeed to create Age of Union
  • [12:45] How and why he picked Age of Union as his mission and initiative 
  • [16:40] How the Caught documentary is transforming the conversation around our oceans
  • [21:50] Why it's so hard to encourage people to care about the ocean 
  • [23:00] How we can be a part of the change in our own way
  • [27:15] Sustainable ways to catch and consume fish 
  • [33:20] The relationship between nature and spirituality 
  • [38:00] Transforming your life by spending more time in nature
  • [39:20] The most urgent message Dax wants us to know
  • [45:10] Nature as a supporter for mental health
  • [48:20] The power of investing in yourself spiritually 
  • [53:30] The best life advice Dax has to share

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