031. Creating a Purpose-Filled Life with Jeanne Beker

How do you create a purpose-filled life?

When you think about your life when you get to the end, do you wish you took more chances? Did more of the things that lit you up? Spent more time with the people you love?

Joining me for this conversation is Jeanne Beker. She shares about her life as a media personality, interviewing the world’s biggest stars, and how she created a life filled with joy, passion and no regrets.

Is it really possible to look at hardship as a blessing? Is there always a silver lining? Jeanne believes so, and I know you will gain so much from our conversation together.

Jeanne Beker is a Canadian journalist, media personality and fashion entrepreneur. She started her career as an actress, but moved into radio and then television as co-host of the ground-breaking series, The NewMusic, and entertainment anchor on CityPulse News. She went on to become the host of  the internationally syndicated Fashion Television (FT), which aired for 27 years and had viewers in more than 130 countries.

 Her numerous awards include her recent appointment to the Order of Canada in 2014 for her support of the Canadian fashion industry; the 2012 Canadian Award of Distinction from the Banff World Media Festival; and being honored with a Canadian Screen Achievement Award for the role she played in changing the way Canadians watch television.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro 
  • [3:55] Was fashion always meant for Jeanne?
  • [10:15] Jeanne’s evolution as an actress, TV host and media personality 
  • [19:40] Jeanne’s favorite interviews over the years
  • [23:10] How Jeanne navigated self doubt 
  • [27:30] Having parents who survived the Holocaust and how that influenced her upbringing, self confidence and desire to go after her dreams
  • [34:35] Jeanne’s cancer diagnosis and the blessings it brought her 
  • [40:40] Her advice for others going through their own cancer journey
  • [51:10] Finding love and the power of connection

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