You've heard YB's version of our first date and how we met, now here's mine!

February 27th, 1988 was the very first date that Yannick and I ever had. Today is the twenty ninth anniversary of that date. You have all heard the version of how we came to be from his perspective, but you’ve never heard it from mine, so today is your lucky day.

Here is a super fun fact that only our inner circle knows. Our audition was on February 25th, 1988. Three years later our middle girl was born February 25th, 1991. Our first date was on February 27th, 1988. Three years later our first niece was born on February 27th, 1991. Also, we were married, May 26th, 1990. Dominique was born nine months minus the day of our wedding, and Jayce our beautiful first born niece, was born nine months plus one day. Suffice it to say our wedding was a HUGE SUCCESS.

FICTION: Many people have the misconception that Yannick and I went to the same high school.

FACT: We did not go to the same school. Yannick went to a different school. He hung out at my high school because he had done a TV movie, Hockey Night, with a guy that was at my school, Bruce Gaunt, who is still a friend to this day.

FACT: The girls in my school were nutty for him. He couldn’t come on campus without those bitches losing their minds. I on the other hand was unimpressed. To be truthful, I had grown up around athletes, and was a dancer, so I was drawn to guys who were taller, more muscular. I had never laid in bed daydreaming about dating a man who cried on queue. To confess, I had many fantasies about ending up with a guy like Billy Idol, or John Taylor.

We had only ever seen one another in passing in the hallways, or in the parking lot on my campus. We had never spoken. Not once in the three years or so that he would hang around.

This next part you’ve all heard one million times, from him. We went in on an audition, for a Pepsi commercial. We had to kiss. He took my friend out for a drink. Did some recon about me. Then I joined them. He asked me out. We went out, and I never left.

What you don’t know about our first date night is that it almost never happened. He came “this close” to missing our date by not calling me. Here are the Coles Notes of that day.

I spent the day with my mom buying a new outfit, returned to my house, showered, did my hair, my make up. He had said he would call during the day to set up where we would be going for our date. The entire day goes by, no phone call. Now it’s close to 7pm, we had set up that we would meet at 7:30pm. Finally, I’m done. I think fuck this, I call a girlfriend, the same girlfriend he had plied with alcohol only two days earlier, and ask her what she is doing and where she is. I grab my coat, keeping my super cute, brand new outfit on, pick up my purse and start walking for my bedroom door to meet up with her.

My phone rings. Landline friends, no cellphones back then. I pick it up. It’s Yannick. Breathless, and apologetic. Apparently he’d been painting all day long and lost track of time.

Hmmm…so it was daylight when you started, and now it’s not? You didn’t notice that day had turned to night and you were supposed to have called when the sun was still shining down on us to firm up details?? I should have made him sweat and told him I had made other plans; but I didn’t take him seriously, I had zero plans of getting in a relationship with anybody, I had just come out of an engagement…hahaha that’s an entirely different story, for another day. Anyway, I figured; “I’m dressed, I look amazing, might as well meet up with this guy, who clearly cannot keep a calendar, and get treated to a nice evening out. Where’s the harm in a lovely night out?”

We met up at Remy’s, which back then was, a pretty hot place to go. It was the nicest date I had been on in a very long time. We were underage, by a few months, but they served us regardless, may be due to the fact that his two roommates were servers there. It might also have a little bit to do with the fact that Yannick was already, “moderately famous.” Either way, we had a couple of bottles of red…and I ended up at his place.

That was it. We were both smitten, and apart from a minor glitch at the sixteen year mark resulting in a mental health break from one another, we have been together ever since that first date.

Twenty nine years later, I have to say, I’m glad I didn’t make you sweat that night my love. By showing up to our date, February 27th, 1988, I’ve had the pleasure of making you sweat for twenty nine years, and I wouldn’t have wanted to do that to anybody else.

Happy first date anniversary, I love you more today than I could have ever imagined loving anybody on the planet. Thanks for sticking it out with me, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.