What are the young women on Sugar Daddy sites really looking for???

Back in 2011 I was creating a sizzle reel to pitch a TV show idea to broadcasters. It was a home design series featuring the amazing designer Eric McClelland, who designed our Toronto house and many hotels, along our two main stadiums executive suites/boxes and restaurants, just to name a few of his jobs. In order to get the high end vibe for the demo we would be using to pitch the show concept we enlisted the penthouse unit of a client of his. I won’t reveal his name, but his age was “up there” he was wealthy and he was single. During the course of the day while we were filming with him he relaxed and became more comfortable with me, the female producer and our camera man. He started to share stories about how he amassed his wealth. He told us about his divorce and his kids, regular, socially acceptable stranger to stranger ice breaking conversation. Then out of no where he dropped the; “Want to see the couple of girls I’m dating? I’m on this site sugardaddy.com and I get tons of dates with young beautiful women who want to hang out me because I’m rich. And I want to hang out with them because they’re young and beautiful.”

The producer and I did our best to keep our mouths from hitting the floor as he happily pulled up his profile and showed us the girls he had squired to Miami, Italy and around town in Toronto. He even talked of the gifts he had given them to thank them for hanging out with him.

I could not believe what I was witnessing. I mean isn’t what they’re both doing, him and the young women, just prostitution? Or escort services? Like isn’t it the same thing?? And aren’t both those “occupations” illegal in North America?? Women choosing to be exploited by men and getting money/gifts in exchange? What do we call this??

According to Wikipedia it is good ole fashioned: Prostitution – Wikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution
Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations or sex acts in exchange for payment or some other benefit. Prostitution is sometimes …
Related jobs‎: ‎Stripper‎, ‎porn actor
Activity sectors‎: ‎Sex industry

So technically even taking the trips, the purses, the watches, the jewelry, the dinners all of it would be considered “benefits” which makes what their doing a form of prostitution. No? But the question I have is do the women engaging in these activities consider it so? I can tell you for real if my daughters were doing this I would flat out tell them that I happen to think that that’s exactly what it is, and I would insist they get their shit together and knock it off. Because I mean don’t tell me that these sites are like other sites where women are looking for men to marry. I’d like to see the stats on how many Sugar Daddy’s actually marry any of the women they hang out with from their sites? I don’t really think any of these people end up in love and married, do you? Isn’t the entire premise based on youth and beauty, human trophies to be seen with? So what happens to these girls as they “age out?” And what age is too old to be on a sugar daddy site anyway? Or, are their wealthy, lonely men in their 80’s and 90’s looking for a young babe to flit around the globe with? Which in that case I suppose would make me “young” to them. I kid, I kid, I’m almost 50 ain’t nobody think I’m young arm candy.

But seriously folks, what is in it for these young women, and what are they really getting out of it? More importantly what are they having to give away to get all that they get from these older wealthy men, and is it worth it??? That my friends is the real question here.