Are all the youth causally using chemical drugs, and do dogs feel remorse??? Just a couple of things making me go "hmmm" today.

None of the things on my mind today really inspire me to write 500-1000 words about them on their own, so I’m going to put them in a pile, all together. Would really love to know if any of these things also make you go “hmmm…”

While at breakfast this morning, my eldest and I overheard a group of six young women, not exactly sure of their ages, at first I thought they were in high school, until they started to talk about friends dropping Molly. One girl was telling the others how “on the subway on our way to the festival she just, like took the Molly. And I was like, ‘you know we still have at least like a full hour before we get there??’ But she didn’t care she took it anyway.” I glanced over at them and wondered to myself, and then to Brianna out loud, how old she thought they might be. Her guess was that she had no guess at all. So, we sat for the next thirty minutes trying desperately to not eavesdrop on their stories of ski holidays filled with sex, and binge drinking. Once these stories started to fly I figured they must be at least first year University. But then again, the way the youth is so wild now, one can’t really be sure.

I sat there thinking whether or not their parents knew about the chemical drugs, and the sex orgies, that their young baby girls were partaking in? Then it made me wonder, how little I might actually know about my girls pasts, or hell, their current life choices. What I overheard at breakfast today really got me pondering what’s what with the Bisson trio. Then I got to thinking about how are parents so out of touch with what their children are up to??? Do we think these parents know their daughters, their baby girls, are in ski chalets having sex in common areas while other kids are also having sex all around them, while they take ecstasy? How much do these parents actually know about their children, and if they are in the dark, how do they get “into the loop???”

Speaking of parent/child relationships I always thought I was closer to my girls than I clearly am…tonight they made plans to go rollerskating, without me. Am I not the cool mom after all, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm?

And, don’t get me wrong with this next statement, I love my husband, I’m so proud of him in every way. But, sometimes I think it would be nice to be married to somebody who could write a song about me, you know. Not an entire album of love songs, but just one would suffice. Does anybody else feel this way?

I was chatting on the phone with a friend in Toronto yesterday, who also owns a property here in Cali, she and I were commiserating together about how impossible it has been to find trustworthy handymen here. We were also sharing how stunned we are, that in a place where the weather is always sunny, like 345 days out of every year, how is it the construction takes so damn long??? Like what is the hold up fellas??? My neighbors have been having their siding done for exactly thirty days. Thirty days to repair, replace, paint, and seal their brand new siding. In Toronto, they will have old siding torn off, new siding up within five business days. Now, I don’t know if it’s weather that lights the fire under their asses, but man, oh man, give me a five day siding job, over this thirty day one, all day, every day.

Speaking of getting work done. We, in contrast to our neighbors have a roofing/siding company who are doing impeccable work, and have only been at it for nine days. Significant improvement from our last set of workers who were on site. Also you’ll be glad to know that I’ve found the contractor who is going to come through and repair all the shady work the other contractor performed when making our new bathrooms. YAY ME. Well actually I can’t take credit, Barb and Rick sent him our way, he’s been working on their house for years, probably should have just hired him in the first place. Hmmm…hmmm…hmmm.

Do dogs feel remorse? In the past week Kohl has played so rough he almost broke my leg; he has stabbed Brianna in the throat causing her to have a giant cut on her neck, and he took a massive chunk of skin out of one of my toes today by running right over me on his way to get to the door before I did. He’s seriously got no chill. It’s 0 or 100, no middle ground. So I wonder, does he know he’s maiming and wounding his loved ones pretty much on a daily basis???

In closing, the thing that is most making me go “hmmm” today is; why doesn’t our hair grow at the same speed at which our breasts fall??? I mean I would pay all kinds of money to change this one up. Wouldn’t it be awesome if my breasts would REFUSE to sag in the same way that my hair seemingly REFUSES TO GROW?? Oh the joys of aging when you’re a woman, this is where the tequila comes in handy…