You have a friend who is in an emotionally abusive relationship; WWYD?

It’s Wednesday, and I’ve got a good one for you this week.

Let’s say you have a vibrant, talented, hard working, bright, beautiful friend.

Let’s say that this friend has a toxic, smothering, sabotaging fiance. A lover who is happiest when she’s suffering, when she’s not soaring, when she’s following him around living in his large, insecure, emotionally abusive shadow.

What Would You Do?

Would you:

a) take your friend aside, to dinner, or on a girls weekend away and share with her the observations you have about her relationship with her fiance?

b) you’ve been friends for almost two decades, you’ve grown up together and are super close with her family, do you go to her mom and tell her the side of the relationship that you’ve seen, that maybe her mother never has, to see if her mother can talk some sense into her?

c) gently advise her that she and her soon to be groom attend some couple’s counseling since all couples should do that anyway as they prepare to walk down the aisle, and hope that all the abusive behavior that you’ve witnessed gets observed by their therapist?

d) do nothing. It’s not your life, not your future, not your happiness.

As I do every week, I truly look forward to hearing how you would handle this delicate friend situation.