Where in the world is Lindsay Lohan???

When my daughters were little, they used to have a computer game called: Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? They loved this game, played it all the time. Remembering this game is what got me thinking: Where the hell is Lindsay Lohan?

Am I the only person on the planet who wonders where one of the most infamous gingers ever, has disappeared to? I asked our youngest daughter this question just the other day, to which she replied; “Mom, she’s in London.” With a tone that was very much like that was information I should have known.

But why or how would I know that? I mean, did you know where Lindsay Lohan is? For the longest time I feel she was absolutely EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t open my computer, a newspaper, magazine ANYTHING that wasn’t reporting on her latest antics.

Recently though, like for a few years, it’s been radio silent on former wild child Lindsay. So, she is in London, but what is she doing there? And if she’s there, why don’t we know about what it is she’s doing? I mean it seems odd, no? Or is it just me? But I feel that year after year, after year, there wasn’t a minute that didn’t go by that we didn’t know what or who she was doing: “oh Lindsay had a fender bender” or “oh Lindsay is making out with her girlfriend Sam Ronson”, or “Lindsay is doing high kicks in an alley behind a club smoking a cigarette.” The high kick video is particularly hilarious and never gets old, trust me you have to google it, and watch it. It’s funny. In a nutshell, we were all inundated with coverage of Lindsay literally all the time. Twenty four seven, play by play of her courtroom/jail/house arrest filled days, and then just like that, she was gone.

Like a puff of smoke, into thin air, Lindsay Lohan, her notoriety, her jobs, and her fame all seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye.

Which gets me thinking, what does she prefer? Is she enjoying this more “under the radar” life she appears to be living? Or does she long for the flash bulbs of the paparazzi, the call of “action” on a film set, the red carpets, the limos, the special access to restaurants, clubs, and all that fame brings with it? Or was it all too cruel, too much on her soul? Is she finally free of carrying the load of her large family, or are they still reliant on her, and if so how is she making her ends meet? I have so many questions about one of the most promising young child stars we had seen since Jodi Foster.

But the biggest thing that makes me go “hmmm” with regards to Lindsay Lohan, is I wonder if she and I were to play the game of “would you rather”, would Lindsay pick to have had fame, or to have never had fame?

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…