Why are women's public restrooms so disgusting??

I have long since wondered about women’s public restrooms. For the men who are reading this post today, it won’t really resonate with you since you haven’t spent much time inside any. But I can assure you, that they are disgusting.

Like above and beyond what you can imagine, or consider gross, in the bodily fluid arena, this is a public women’s restroom. I won’t get into specifics here, because nobody should have the visual of the things that I have seen, and cannot un-see in their innocent minds. But what I will share with you, and the main thing that I honestly don’t get it, something that always makes me “go hmmm” every single time I have to go into one. The biggest thing I don’t understand is this: why do you pee on the seat? Do you pee on the seat at home, where you live? No. There is no f*#cking way that you do. So then, why is it so many women pee on the seat when they go out into the world.

I know what you’re going to say: “it’s because I’m a squatter” or “I hover over the seat, cuz they’re filthy, and you can get AIDS from toilet seats.” Ok, cool, I get that logic, although you cannot get AIDS from a public toilet seat, but whatever. May I suggest this to you, as you squat, hover, whatever it is that you do; how about you grab some toilet paper, line the seat with that, then do your hovering business, kick the toilet paper with YOUR URINE on it into the bowl, and flush? Simple. Effective. And now you’ve not caught a transmittable disease, and I don’t have to walk through half a dozen stalls before I find one without any pee on the seat. You know how I know that this works?? It’s because I do this. Trust me when I say it really is a win/win for all.

And since I referenced it above; for the love of God FLUSH. And if you do flush, thank you for that by the way, give a backward glance as you leave the stall to ensure your business went down the drain, don’t leave that for me, or anybody else to push open a stall door and find. I’d like to believe that you’re all clean, decent people, and don’t leave urine on the seat, or stuff in the bowl of your home, your lover’s home, your parent’s home, so let’s do the same in public, shall we? Treat a public restroom the way you do your own home, the rest of us thank you in advance for changing your ways.