For a woman who really knew how to love, thank you Eileen Springthorpe

Dear Eileen,

I never had the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciated you. I’m thankful for the time you came to support me when I sang my first solo at the Women’s Day conference in New Zealand. You barely knew me, I was a new friend to Barb and Rick, and yet you came to sit and hear me sing. That lunch with you afterward I still see clearly in my mind’s eye. Then years followed and there were so many dinners, glasses of wines, breakfasts of tea and toast in Barb and Rick’s garden together. I love how you always took the time to hand write a thank you note, for even the smallest kindness extended to you. Brianna enjoyed talking about books with you. We’re all so thankful that you made a trip to Toronto with Barb and Rick, we’re thankful that you graced our home with your wonderful energy. We feel like we had an angel stay under our roof, and blessed these “four walls.”

As the years passed, and you became too fragile to travel, our visits with you came to an end, but I hope you know that you were never, ever far from our hearts and our thoughts. We love you, and we will miss you deeply. Knowing that we’ll never have another chat with you “around the kitchen island” on a Sunday night while visiting the ranch will be something to come to terms with. But we know we must not be selfish, you stayed a good many years after the love of your life Norm, passed on. Now he gets you back, after you spent all these years down here making our lives better. I know Rick, Barbie and the boys will forever be changed without you, but I also believe that your strong spirit will live on through them. You had great strength and even greater love for your family. Not only did you love your sons, their wives and the grandchildren they gave you, but you also embraced, and poured your love onto every single person that they deemed worthy of their friendship and love. Your heart was big enough to love us all. Your spirit was one of adventure, and humor. You had an infectious laugh, and blue eyes that danced while you spoke.

Nana, you will be missed by every single person you took the time to love, which was many.

Yannick, Brianna, Dominique, Mikaela and I have so many memories that will carry us through this sad time knowing that you no longer walk among us. May you rest in happiness and love with Norm.

Until we meet again, thank you for living your life so full of love and spunk.

xo Shantelle

A beginning and an ending, dates upon a stone
But the moment in the middle is how we will be known
Cause what defines us can be found within a line
Finding reason for our time

And the years go by, how they seem to fly
They’ll all be over soon
When our life is done, did we live and love
The way we wanted to
Cause everyday that we leave behind
Goes on to tell the truth
Of how we lived in the line between the two
The line between the two

Will I walk straight, will I be true
Will I finish strong
Will I stand up for the moment
When I could right a wrong
Because the legacy we have will never change
It’s how we spend our days


I could live a life for just myself
Or I could live a life for someone else
But I’ll live and die just to hear
You say
Well done my son come and be with Me

Song by Mark Harris The line between the two