Will you all reserve your elephant judgement until I get back from Thailand?

Jesus H Christ, I am going to Thailand over Christmas with my family and I mention in one post how we’re going to chill with elephants and the floodgates of judgement open wide up. Honestly some people need to just slow down; catch their breath and wait for details before getting all hot under the collar.

We have some traditions in the Bisson house. When the girls turned double digits, 10, they each got to pick a trip that they would take with Yannick alone. This was to solidify their bond with their dad as they headed into those tumultuous teen years. When they turned Sweet 16 they each got to pick a trip that they would take with me. Our eldest opted for a fabulous Sweet 16 Birthday celebration with 75 people, when Dominique turned 16, being the sensitive giant-hearted girl that she is, she wanted to got to LA, but only if Brianna, who had picked a party instead of a trip could tag along. So that trip was a beautiful threesome. Then came Mikaela, she wanted to go to New York City and stay at the Park Plaza Hotel. She and her very best friend turned 16 at the same time so we made it a double mommy and daughter trip. It was magical.

Another Bisson family tradition is that each of our girls get to pick one place, anywhere in the world to go to as a family when they turn 21. Brianna picked Paris France. Dominique chose Rome Italy, and Mikaela has picked Thailand. Hands down the most exotic, magical and far away of the three locales.

Part of her trip includes: Thai cooking lessons and excursions. One of the excursions she has chosen is to visit and spend time with elephants; which I’ve tweeted about. Man oh man do I ever wish I hadn’t. It’s like the PC police have come out in full force. Everybody knows somebody who has done the elephant experience “wrong” or they have literature on how abusive this is for the elephants to interact or have human contact.

To which I’m going to say one thing: HOP OFF.

Can we all just fucking catch our breath for five hot seconds, get off google and let people live their fucking lives?? I mean seriously. This is a blog that falls under my I CAN’T EVEN category. Why? Why do people feel soooooo compelled to shed their light, their wisdom, their, what I perceive as judgment all over a family holiday?

Listen, I’m an animal lover, advocate, and protector. No, I’m no vegan, I do eat animal products, although it is all organic, raised with integrity and even though there is no good way to slaughter an animal I am super diligent in making sure that anything I consume is the least of all the evils, of which there are many, doing the best I can human.

But seriously people. Coming at me for saying I’m going to bathe elephants in Thailand? Why don’t you all just wait until I post the photos or videos before you decide as to whether or not my family and I are doing it wrong? This is the worst part of social media, the part where people are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.

It is ass backward and needs to stop. I’m not asking anybody to change how they feel about animals in captivity, I feel the same, it’s gross, and it needs to come to a screeching halt. But please for the love of God stop filling my timeline with videos and articles about all the way these majestic animals are being abused by humans simply spending time with them. Why don’t you all just catch your breath and wait and see what I come back with before you condemn me for abusing the elephants that I will be visiting.

I mean at the end of the day, what little I know of them, is that they are a pack animal, that they have deep and profound connections within their herd. They feel loss deeply, and are fiercely loyal. Sounds a lot like me with my little Bisson pack. Which leads me to think that they are in fact social creatures, who thrive with that little bit of extra love and interaction. I’m no elephant expert, but I would imagine that love is love even where they are concerned. So if a group of five humans, the Bisson clan, are visiting, petting, feeding and washing elephants behind their ears, while observing and honoring them in their natural habitat with respect…how the fuck can that be a bad thing. Every living thing on this planet can do with more love, and maybe I’m naive, but I believe like my dogs, even elephants fall into this category.

So for the love of God save your articles/videos and judgements on my hasn’t even happened time with the elephants for when we return in January. Sound fair???