When will a man understand, that a woman's tomorrow is already full???

By the time most of you read this post it will already be Monday August 15th, and you may read it over your morning coffee, and think: “Fuck. There are so many typos.” And you know what, there may be. And the reason for that is that I’m f’n exhausted. Like so tired. I am so flippin worn out that I literally, cannot feel my limbs, which is why you’re probably reading this post riddled with fucking typos, cuz I cannot tell what it is my fingers are typing.

Why am I so tired? Well it might be that I run two homes, and all that goes with running one house, never mind two. And even though my daughters are all young women, living out of our houses, I’m still a mom of three. Plus, I have my three four legged sons, with all their medical aliments. God damn. That on it’s own is more than enough to handle. But, alas there is more. You women who are “stay at homes” know exactly what I’m talking about: groceries, which I HATE DOING. I hate the market. I hate every damn thing about it. There’s not one thing I enjoy about having to go to the market. Then there is the (well these days are long behind me)get the kids out of bed, make breakfast, make and pack lunches, drop off…make a healthy dinner for your fam, every single day. of their lives. Of course, if you’re able to stay home after drop off, and not have a job out of the house to attend to, there is the drive back home. Then there is laundry, bills, paperwork, etc, etc, etc. Running a home, and a family is a BIG JOB. Don’t let anybody ever tell you it isn’t. I am with you. I know. And I agree.

So, imagine how much bigger that job gets when you have a child who goes away to University. And not just like two hours from home, by car. Because you see, I’ve already done that, times two. That, was a piece of cake. No we’re talking five days by car, or half a day by plane. That’s my deal with our youngest. Yesterday, our travel day was a seventeen hour day, door to door. Thank God for my best friend, who lives in Cali, in the whole world, who was kind, and wise enough to invite us to dinner on our arrival day (side note she also had us over tonight, because she’s been down this road twice already, and knew I’d have no time to get to the market today either)!!! Anyway, the bottom line is this. My best friend looked at me and Mikaela tonight in her kitchen and asked: “how much more do you have left to do??”

Mikaela responded: “I have one more suitcase to unpack and that’s it.”

Barbie, being fab, and brilliant said: “Wow. That’s great. You’re getting it done super fast, even though you must be exhausted…”

That’s when I jumped in and said: “Oh yeah. We’re moving her in like women. I’d rather go 150 mph for two days, than 75 mph for five.” I say this, because I know that my husband is always asking me things like, “why do you need to do that now? Can’t you just leave it until tomorrow??” Not understanding that the hours of my day “tomorrow” are already filled. Since he doesn’t get this, he’ll often disagree with me about this train of thought of mine, to just fucking GET IT DONE. He always suggest leaving a bunch of tasks until “tomorrow.” Yet, I feel as though tomorrow already has enough tasks of it’s own, so “why put off to tomorrow, what can be done today?” Also, the best part of all of it, is come tomorrow evening when I’m sitting on my deck, with no bra on, drink in hand watching the sunset knowing that I have nothing pressing to handle until he arrives in Cali on September 3rd, I will feel more than ok about it, I will feel AWESOME.

So my question is, when will men ever learn that it is way better to just get shit handled right out the gate than sit on it and procastinate????

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.