Why, oh why, do people love to judge others without thinking their judgement through all the way?

Alright, I’m doing that thing that I so don’t like to do, which is weigh in on shit that’s going down with the Kardashian family. But I just can’t go another day without “hmmm’n” over it publicly.

Okay, lots of people are losing their shit on the internet, or at least they were last week, while I was up to my eyeballs in two months of month end, bills, emails, you name it, I was catching up on. Because, as you can imagine building a house will put you a little behind the eight ball in your life, so I didn’t get the opportunity to post about the whole Kylie being labeled: self made, and how people were PISSED at Forbes and the NY Times.

I get why people are pissed off. I understand why people who have actually come from NOTHING, and behind the eight ball, who, in some cases have battled disease from a young age and “made it” are upset at her being labeled as such. Some of the stories I read on the internet that people shared where they came from, and what they managed to make of themselves so far in their lifetimes is not only impressive, but is the definition of rising from the ashes, making something of yourself stories. Yes.

But, and this is where I’m probably going to get into a little bit of hot water; just because Kylie didn’t have the same obstacles that so many others had to get to where she is, doesn’t mean she had NONE. It also doesn’t mean that her successes didn’t come from her vision, her creativity, and her blood, sweat and tears; from her SELF.

Did she have an in because of her family name? Absolutely. In many ways she did. But, I can assure, from first hand experience, often that famous last name, as was the case with my girls and myself here in Toronto, can be the reason why people WON’T go into business with you, or WON’T take your calls, or a meeting. Sometimes, when you have a famous last name, and people who perhaps don’t have as much outward success as your last name does will do everything in their power to keep you from becoming, in their eyes, anymore successful then you already are. Jealousy and envy are rampant in all industries, which I’m sure many of us have experienced first hand. So, before we all continue to attack a young woman on the cusp of becoming legal in America, why don’t we agree that even if her “self-made” story isn’t similar to others who are self-made doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. And like I’ve said in other blogs, I’m still waiting to find the hidden talents of my girls so that we took can be worth a billion dollars ; p

Now, for the other haters, who are dragging Khloe for staying with the man she loves, the father of her child, because he was caught cheating?! To them I say “calm the fuck down.”

Are any of these people even in relationships? Have they ever been??? Like do people really think that a person in a committed relationship should not try and work it out after a partner strays? Really? I’m gobsmacked at the fairy tale, romantic, bullshit ideal that, clearly, too many people have about how to handle, deal and heal conflict in an intimate relationship. Maybe it’s this lack of willingness to forgive our partners, and the conditional love that people place on their lovers that has our divorce rate average still hovering above 50%?!

Listen, as a woman who has been on both sides of that fence in my thirty year relationship, that my friends is not the worst thing that can happen in your marriage/intimate partnership. And people who think she’s a fool for staying with him and trying to work it out, to them I say, why don’t you wait until you have a newborn child with your lover, and have walked a mile in her shoes, before you become both judge and jury. Such is the hasty judgement of too many keyboard warriors. I wish I could be a fly on the wall of every hater’s home sometimes, because I would love to know what makes them feel like they would know the exact perfect way to behave if they found themselves in the exact same position as Khloe, or anybody actually.

Things that make me go “hmmm” indeed!