A whole whack of stuff that makes me go "hmmm..."

Today it would appear that something resembling summer is happening in Toronto. So thanks to that, and some work on my non-fiction “pitch” package I’m giving you a quick and dirty list of things that make me go “hmmm.”

The question must be asked. How many glasses of wine are in one bottle, on average? I say “average” because like my girlfriend says; “depends on how big your glass is, mine have like three.”

Why, oh why, oh WHY, does Duke insist on simply standing at the top of the stairs to the lower part of the garden yell barking at other neighborhood barking dogs? Like do you not want to go down to the bottom and try to actually locate the other mouthy dog? No? You’re good just standing right outside the house door yelling? Cool.

Why did Amal Clooney look less pregnant carrying twins than I do right now standing in my kitchen typing this in my bikini? Because like I said it was a really beautiful day today, so I worked outside). Not because I just like to hang out in my house in my bikini.

Also, why on earth does a 56 year old man want kids? He’ll be 66 when his twins are 10…70 when the daughter is entering the worst crabby years of her life. Yikes. All the power to you George.

So my husband’s new driver’s license and health card just arrived, and I’m green with envy. The man looks so good in the photos that they could seriously be used as his head shot. I’m not kidding. I tried to get a photo so I could use it as the blog photo today but alas I couldn’t do it without getting his numbers and address in the frame. It’s disgusting, and grossly unfair. Sort of like how I feel seeing the “pregnancy” photos of Amal Clooney. Where is the justice in this world of ours??

Why is that my neighbor, with the two little girls that lives behind me yell at her girls at the top of her lungs on the regular? The little girls play so lovely when they’re out there with their dad. The SECOND the mom gets out there it becomes a “who can yell the loudest the longest” competition. So f’n bizarre. Like who are the children in that scenario??? And why are you YELLING. Also, why are you so mean to your children? Seriously the things she says to them, I’m just like; “do I need to get involved???”

And why is her husband such a pussy, and allow her to verbally abuse their children??

Another thing that makes me go “hmmm” why do public people have public affairs in public? If I were going to have an affair, I would be so super, uber stealthy about it that my lover wouldn’t even be sure if we were having an affair. I sure as shit wouldn’t be getting my cheat on with an audience of witnesses. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

In closing, I get not wanting to be inundated with tales, and photos of poverty. But, not everything I write about, or post about is going to have something to do with YB. Sometimes I want to write about the things that matter to me as a citizen of the world. It truly makes me go “hmmm” that some people are following me to simply be voyeurs. News flash. You don’t have to follow a person who isn’t private to see what they’re posting. So if you don’t follow, you don’t have to un-follow and mess with my metrics. I would like it so much more if only the true friends follow me. I’m happy if you others just take a peek every once in a while to see what I’m yammering on about, rather than come and go like the wind. I will not be offended if you don’t give me a follow, I truly won’t.

Thanks so much for checking in today, mucho love to you all!