Where does the truth lie????

Let me start this post by acknowledging the fact, that I’ve had an amazing week. I’ve been blessed to see two of the top bands from my youth, and it was awesome. Was even gifted with the coveted, AFTER SHOW access that so many would give their right arm for, to BOTH. I live an incredibly awesome, cool life. A life even better than I could have imagined for myself as a little girl, I know this and I’m grateful for it. Yet my heart is heavy today, and try as I might to write something light, funny, or distracting I just cannot. I’ve thrown away four other posts. Not sure if they will all make an appearance at a later date, but for today I’m musing about:

Where does the truth lie??

It started over brunch with two of our closest friends, who are a same sex couple. We were talking about how our Prime Minister, attended the Pride parade in July. And how he was the first one ever to do so. Then the subject changed to one of, how right around that same time he also sold arms to Saudi Arabia, isn’t this where al-Qaida began? Isn’t there a fundamental issue with them having arms? And now we’ve sold them arms? Our friends did not know this. Why did they not know that? Well they didn’t know that because they were busy being happily distracted by the fact that he had gone to Pride. He was the first one EVER. So YAY. But what about those arms he sold, BOO. Yet nobody knows about those.

Then there is the “honor killing” that happened just this week to Qandeel Baloch in Pakistan. Her death, which is horrifying, has been splashed all over the news. Rightfully so. Many of these media sources who are appalled, and crying for justice for women are American. Know what else? The U.S gives Pakistan $1.5 billion in aid a year (on average)…but they honor kill their women, we don’t support this! Or do we???

I for one, am entirely, and completely confused.

We have kids in both our countries who go to school hungry, who live in neighborhoods without any social services, or recreational facilities, sports programs etc etc etc. Nor do our countries feed or shelter the homeless. But we’re giving money away to other countries, and selling them weapons?? I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand.

I’m also guilty of feeling, “overwhelmed” at the scope of the mess that not only my Country is in, but this entire world, that I love so much is in. I want to know more, I want to do more, other than just live my blessed, incredible life. But how?

I want to know how it is that, Ebola came…was going to end all our lives…and now it’s just gone…

A 28 page report came out about 9-11 and everybody is chasing Pokemon…nobody is talking about the 28 page report. Why not? Because a coup in Turkey happened on the same day…

I just don’ t understand what is really happening out there, within our governments, our legal systems, why are we, the collective human race, who are greater in numbers than our governments sitting back and asking no questions of them? I include myself in this. Where would we even start? How can we begin to know where the truth lies???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…