When is our government going to support people with mental health issues?

What makes us tick? I’ve always been fascinated by the human mind, genetic coding and what is essentially luck of the gene draw. Like what makes a person/people go online to learn how to make a homemade bomb then go into a restaurant and set it off, harming, and attempting to kill many innocent people? Why would somebody intentionally start a fire and kill innocent creatures? What makes some people think that sexually abusing a child is okay? How does a boy think that killing a girl who won’t go out with him is the best solution to his heartbreak?

I know many of you will message me saying: “mental illness.” And I agree, but I also think a lot of it has to do with parenting, and supporting people with mental illness in the right way. Not ignoring the signs, and burying our head in the sand. Which seems to be the case with the kid who shot up the school in Texas. Can you believe the father of the Santa Fe High shootings is saying his son did what he did because all the other kids did what they did to him first? Playing, and pulling the bullying card?

If that’s not shitty parenting I don’t know what is. No wonder this kid didn’t have any coping skills, it appears, from this side, nobody he taught him that sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Instead of holding his child accountable publicly, this guy is taking his son’s responsibility off the table and putting it on the kids who bullied him. Running his mouth about how his kid only killed all those kids because he was bullied, and somebody must have really done something to him to make him go to school and kill kids.

I’ve been bullied. I’m sure you’ve been bullied. My girls have been bullied, so has my husband. In fact I don’t know a single person who has gone through this thing called life not being bullied. You teach your child how to deal with it, life isn’t fair and not everybody is nice; and there are people who don’t like you. Well guess what? Those aren’t your people. Not your crew, so move on and find your pack. But is seems like this father didn’t teach this to his son, and in my opinion is the sort of person who should never be a parent. I mean obviously this child was not raised to take any responsibility for his actions ever. He probably was given a trophy from his father even when he didn’t win a soccer game.

Nah I’m sorry. Just because you get bullied doesn’t entitle you to kill people. I was bullied, I never shot anybody dead because of it. Some people are cruel, and they will be cruel as long as their is breath in their lungs. Do we kill them? No. I mean we shouldn’t. What we should do is walk away, and spend our time and energy on people who are kind to us. Not everybody has to like us, and if they’re cruel to the point of abuse, well that needs to be taken up with people in positions of authority.

But wait, there aren’t any of those left. Because parents demanded that teachers, vice principals, and principals in schools no longer “tell their children how to behave.” So now look what we have. A generation of kids who don’t have any boundaries, who are becoming of age to wreak havoc on innocent people everywhere.

I am praying with all my might that there is an energetic shift in consciousness the world over. So that bombings like the one that took place in an Indian restaurant in Mississauga become a thing of the past. That mass shootings become just an ugly thing in our history that used to happen. That, as corny as this all sounds, that one day we will all live in harmony, with the knowing that we’re all different, and we don’t have to agree, but we all deserve to live. And in the meantime I’m going to pray they find whoever started the fire at Sunnybrook barn, and the two suspects who harmed the fifteen people out for a lovely evening, and that our government wakes up to the need that is supporting and taking care of the mentally ill among us. And that parents teach their children about kindness, humanity, respect and ownership to make this world a better place.