What's with Yannick, and my four legged sons finding their cottage "grooves" so quickly?

I’ve become one of those people I swore I would never become. I am a cottage owner. I now own a cottage.

Mind you, if I’m being completely humble, and truthful with all of you I have to say that we have quite an overgrown piece of, we can almost see the lake now that Yannick has been hacking away at the overgrowth since Friday, land with a shack on it. It has no running water, and no insulation. Thank God my best friend, Jenanne and her husband, Mark, live right next door, so we’re crashing with them while we plot what the hell we’re going to do with our little lakefront shack. It was a spur of the moment; “hey this could be fun, and it’s such a good price, why don’t we buy it” moment that we not only didn’t think through, we didn’t get any advice about either. We didn’t ask our finance guy if he thought it was a good idea, like we probably should have. We simply bought it and then told him about it once the paperwork was signed off on.

Not exactly what we brought him on board to do. We hired him to help us put money aside for a rainy day, to invest in our futures for when Murdoch is done and we’re LA bound full time. I’m not really sure how buying a third property fits in with the saving plan, and I’m guessing our finance guy doesn’t get how it falls under the “savings” category either. But alas we’re here now, so let’s make the most of it and not go insane using too much cash to make it livable. I say three times with my eyes closed as I click my ruby red shoes for good measure…

The trick here is going to be sticking to the “cheap and cheerful” renovation of the little shack in the woods, in order to keep everybody happy. Although it’s fair to say that Yannick seems to be ridiculously happy already. He is in complete and utter heaven here. He’s up with the birds, walking the dogs, then having a coffee with Mark, after coffee time is done he’s out on his land chopping shit down, or inside knocking down walls, whatever tickles his fancy for four to five hours.

I have to say this about my husband, he enjoys acting, it pays the bills, but if he could make the same amount of money being in nature, and building houses than he does acting; he would rather do that in a heartbeat. Like he wouldn’t even think twice about it. He would leave the acting thing behind, and run full speed ahead into the land of puttering outside and tearing shit down inside. Me, I’m a little less interested in the hard labour party than him. What I am starting to get good at is the shutting off thing. Right now I’m enjoying just slowing down; because the truth is I seriously needed to slow down, and feed my soul. Being outside for this many days in a row with little to think about but relaxing, and eating is making a good dent in the stress knot that has taken up residency in my stomach this past year and a bit. Buying the cottage, although not planned for, and perhaps not a sound financial decision is assisting me in a much more meaningful way than socking money away in a bank. It’s helping me to disconnect from my phone, my social media and the onslaught of negativity that spending too much time daily on my device creates in my spirit. These are all things that I know I needed to work at so that I can connect better to myself. What is the expression: “fill your own cup first” or something like that?? This is a commitment I made along with my year of first back in January. And then look what happened…God gave me a cottage. Something I never even had a desire to own, yet here I am, it’s like the universe is conspiring to make sure that I do what I swore I would do this year. Get healthy. Really healthy, not just outwardly looking good, but on the inside; heart and soul thriving.

Thank you universe!