What's up with women playing God with their hormones, and bodies?

Honestly what’s up with some young women these days. Have any of you heard about the trend that some girls are jumping on board with? The period eliminator? It’s this thing that they’re doing where they manipulate their cycles, or in some extreme cases avoid getting their periods at all. I can’t even with this. Like are you kidding me? Why are we such a society of; “I want what I want when I want it.” Even down to how our body’s function?

It is insane. Like really and truly nutty.

I’m sorry, but no wonder our world is in a shambles if people are getting so obsessed with controlling things to the point where they would potentially fuck up their bodies for the rest of their lives so they don’t have to have the inconvenience of ever getting their cycle. Look, I dislike it as much as the next woman, I’ve been going through it every 28 days, whether I wanted to or not since I was eleven years old. I get it. Who wants to cry for no reason, or who enjoys wanting to murder their partner while they chew their dinner ever so “loudly”, two days out from day one??? The answer is nobody. We can all agree that it’s no fun, and if you’re a woman who like me suffered from terrible pain associated with it, I totally get why you would be tempted to try this new trend out. But honestly, give it some thought, and know do some research. As it is there are so many naturopathic doctors and holistic specialists who are way on the other side of the pill in the first place, as far as the long term effects hormone treatment, like taking the pill can cause to a body. There are some studies that link it to breast cancer in already high risk women. The bottom line, I’m way past needing it so I’m not up on the current stats, but suffice it to say there’s a lot to be said about it from both sides. I for one used it, although it made me INSANE so I had to stop, hence the young pregnancy so early on in my relationship with YB, but I get why we use it. If you don’t want a baby, you don’t want one, and contrary to #45 and all his buddies, the choice should be left in the hands of the woman. No man, lover, husband or otherwise should have any say in how women take car of their reproductive organs. Period. End of story.

But this. This dropping a week of pills so your cycle comes early allowing women to go on beach holidays without getting your period; or my personal favourite just taking them over and over and over again with no breaks so you never get your period. Ever. Like never.

Okay, why? Who would do this? I honestly can’t even.

No matter what any young woman who practices either of these trends of “convenient bleeding” tells me, they will never get me on side with it. It’s five days of your life every month, it means your body is running well, you’re healthy if you have a monthly bleed. It is a way for your body to detoxify. It really is all good, even though it’s not the most fun I, or any other woman have ever had. Regardless of how terrible it was sometimes, actually most of the time, you will not catch me toying with my long term health in such a big way. I pray they all know better than me, and that they’re not creating huge hormone surges and imbalances that will later come to bite them in their asses: either with them being unable to get pregnant at all when they do finally decide they want to, or worse than even that…some form of cancer.

If it were me, and it were my girls playing this health roulette game, I know what I would insist they do. I would strongly encourage them to let their bodies do what they were meant to do, and if you need to pop some Advil and stay in bed for an entire day, go for it. But leave your body alone, and let it do naturally, what it was made to do I’m just saying.