What's with the tax, on tax, on tax, on tax???

I don’t know about you, but I’m not an online shopper, it’s not for me. I’ve tried it, and for one reason or the other, it didn’t work out between me and the online shopping world. It might be because I don’t actually like shopping, at all. Very rarely will I get turnt up about SHOPPING. This is evident in the number of times I’ve agreed to go to an event, and then suddenly, at the last minute, because I dislike shopping so much, the occasion arrives and I have NOTHING TO WEAR, and I cancel.

You see, I have a teeny, tiny, bad habit of leaving my shopping to the last minute. I’ve only once not done that, and that was last year for The Purple Party in support of Childhood Canada Cancer. I pre-bought my dress, AND online. Two things I never do. The dress, a Purple DVF was perfection, it paid to plan ahead, and be prepared, so I could feel good at the event. Sadly, my dress was amazing, but my hair turned out like ASS. So bad. The worst hair I think I’ve ever had. I debated taking it out, and starting from scratch, but, there was no time for corrections. I had to attend the event with the hair of shame. Not a good time.

But I digress. None of this is why I don’t shop online. The real reason is, because when I have done in the past I’ve been nailed, with customs, duty, taxes, service fees, and the taxes of the other country. It’s stupid. It’s not cheaper, and it gives me anxiety if I can’t touch, try, or see the product I’m buying.

Today I was charged GST, on my U.S mail that my daughter was sending me via UPS. That was fun. For those who are reading this, who are not Canadian; GST is a goods and services tax we have, PST is provincial sales tax also seemingly charged on goods, which silly me I always thought that’s what the GST did? HST is the new terminology used for what was the old GST, so as you can see here, in the example below, she got hit with BOTH of those on her item. I’m confused, do we pay GST now, or HST??? I thought it was only HST…but this breakdown makes me wonder, WHO IS ON FIRST???

The example I’m presenting to you, is courtesy of our youngest daughter, who purchased something online and was charged…are you ready for this…

DUTY $37.84
GST/PST/HST ON imported GST (what the f*#k does that even mean??) $75.22
Processing fee $10.50, GST on this $1.37
TRANSACTION FEE $4.25, GST on this $0.55
TOTAL $98.88
and you know what happens next? If you’re Canadian you probably do, but don’t shout out your answers and ruin it for the non-canucks…

They then charged her GST on ALL OF IT, in the amount of $30.85

She was taxed on her item, that was then taxed, and then in closing, taxed again???

How is this a thing??? What is happening out there??? And where are all these tax dollars going??? This is really becoming a “I CAN’T EVEN.”

Somebody make it stop. Please, I’m begging you…