What's with some people who are wealthy expecting anything, and everything, for free???

Today’s post is something that makes me go “hmmm” all the way down to my toes. Like when I hear about this sort of thing it stops me dead in my tracks and causes me to literally take pause and try, in my own mind, to get to the bottom of the why are some people this way.

The thing that I’m talking about are people who wander around through life expecting to get shit for free. They want it for free, not because they don’t have the means, the people I’m talking about most certainly can afford tickets to shows, or you know drinks and food when they go out for an evening. And even though they’re financially sound enough to foot their own bills, they expect the establishment to “pick up the tab” because some of these people suffer from “don’t you know who I am?” inflated ego disease.

It irks me. Like nails down a chalkboard sort of level of uncomfortable. Why do you need what that establishment is providing to you, for free??? I don’t understand. The restaurant, the shop, or the pub all have their expenses that need to be covered for starters, plus you know they probably went into business because they were hoping they would build a successful company where people would either come and eat, or shop, so you know, they could make a living. And in struts the entitled, superior, cooler than the people who own the business person, and demands shit for free. I can’t even with people like this. I have patience for many things, but I seriously don’t for this sort of attitude. It’s just gross. I mean pay for your shit. If you don’t want to pay for it, then perhaps you shouldn’t have it. I mean I don’t know. Do these people who ask and expect things given to them do their work for free??? I highly doubt it. Because that would be stupid, wouldn’t it. Working 8,10, maybe even 12 hours for no pay just because the person who is supposed to be paying you decided they would rather not, they’d rather you did your job for free.

Ridiculous right?

My favourite thing that these types of people do is when they show up at charity events for FREE, because you know they’re sort of a big deal, so they get asked to attend. Fine. That bits on the charity. But the rest is on the person who shows up, proceeds to drink for free, eat for free, get their photos taken so they look like they’re out in the world giving back, and then they don’t. Sometimes these types of people have the audacity to ask for extra free tickets to charitable galas so they can bring a whack of friends, who will be just like them. Drinking the booze, and eating the food without donating one red cent to the charity. They just take. This my friends makes my blood boil. People who have been given so much, have so many blessings and are doing well in their field showing up to a charity with catchers mitts on both hands.

Makes. My. Blood. Boil.

I met and saw more people in Haiti with literally NOTHING; their shelter was a tin hut with no electricity, plumbing, or food in them. Yet these people were up every day selling what they had at their disposal at the markets. They were doing whatever they could to make money, or to barter and trade with other Haitians so that they all could have what they need to survive. People with nothing knowing that life has balance, that we have to earn the things we want and need, we don’t just take them. We don’t just ask people to give to us when we give nothing in return. I didn’t see, nor was I approached by a single person who just wanted me to hand them my money. All day every day people wanted me to purchase something from them. But nobody, not once walked up to me, hand out and said; “give to me…” It blew my mind. They have work ethic, and I believe they have a healthy amount of self pride. The sort of pride that makes you a proud person in that positive way. Where you’d rather work at whatever, selling bananas on the street for example, to make some money to buy your dinner rather than walk up to somebody else who spent their entire day working hard and then just expect them to give the money they earned to you so that you can also eat; but you never did the work.

Sadly, my country has a lot of this going on it. Where many, many Canadians sit around waiting for other people to go work their asses off so they can have money come to them in the mail and eat, drink and be merry without lifting a finger. And that my friends is not right. Needing a leg up because you fell on hard times, I totally get it, but building families, generation after generation who sit in front of large screen TVs all day long while the rest of the people work, not my idea of fair. Nor is somebody with a nice fat bank account taking from small businesses just because they’re lucky to have them in their establishment.

But hey, what are we going to do, the leader of the free world is exactly this sort of person. He who has much but gives nothing back, only takes. What’s that expression; LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Insert eye roll here.