What's with the never ending battle for media coverage that Caitlyn Jenner is fighting with Kris??

Leave it to Caitlyn (with a C) Jenner to blow the big reveal of her youngest child’s pregnancy. A pregnancy that I’m sure Kris was hoping to keep secret until the season 14 premiere of Keeping Up.

Caitlyn gives zero fucks. Since the marriage ended it seems like she has wanted to upstage, thwart any and everything Kris Jenner has been attempting to do, with/for/about her daughters for ratings, and ultimately money. I thought there was bad blood between Taylor Swift and Katie Perry? Man oh man those two have got nothing on the obvious bad blood going on between these exes.

Like how were they even married for all those years if she, Caitlyn, clearly dislikes her so much that her every move since the break up has been to either completely discredit Kris as a wife, mother, manager, and to break a story before Kris can get it to press. Like what the hell is going on there? And where is all the hatred on Caitlyn’s part coming from? I mean seriously lady, you married a woman while you were a man; actually THREE of them, and had babies with all of them as a man. If anybody should be angry, confused, upset I’d have to say I’m siding with Kris on this one. Yet Caitlyn seems to be the one on the defensive all the time.

Clearly Kylie and her mother have every intention of taunting the media in every way they can until the show premieres, Sunday October 1st. I’m sure you’ve all set your PVR’s to record it, and I bet you’ve never missed an episode, just like me. I type with my tongue firmly planted in cheek. Sadly I’m not a fan, sadly two of my girls are, which is why I know that Kylie and Kris are playing a cat and mouse game about whether or not the youngest Kardashian, who is set to be a billionaire within a year, is or isn’t pregnant. So even though she’s only 20, she certainly has the financial means to raise a child. Some might say she’s too young to be a mother, but as a woman who had her first at 19, her second at 21, I have to tell you, I don’t hate this for her. I happen to think there are many positives to having your child(ren) young. Plus, when talking about kids who have grown up in the spotlight, I feel like they’ve been living in an adult world, and therefore are much more mature in many aspects than other kids their ages. There is also the teeny tiny detail that she is running company, set as reported by Forbes, to become a billion dollar company in less than twelve months. Not that any of this makes her ready to be a mother, but I dare say she’s a bit more equipped than your average 20 year old. Combine that with the fact that she was in a relationship with a man who had a young son, and played step mom to him from the time she was 17; crazy I know, to think a 17 year old would have influence on a small child, but hey, Jamie Lynn Spears did it. Got pregnant at 17 so she could leave the limelight and be a “normal person.” Not sure how normal being a mom is at that young age, but from what I can tell she’s doing an awesome job, and having her daughter did get her out of the Hollywood lifestyle and scene. So what’s worse I wonder? Having a baby “too soon” or living a life that your parents made you live that you don’t actually want for yourself?

I’d have to say the latter is much harder on a person’s soul than having a baby “too young” would be.

While we wait for the show to hit the airwaves on Sunday night, I guess we’ll have to take Caitlyn Jenner’s spokesperson’s word for it when they say: “she has known for some time” when asked if Caitlyn was aware of the pregnancy. Since Kris and Kylie are keeping “mum” on the subject. So “mum” on the fact that even when executive producer Ryan Seacrest text Kris to confirm the news she replied: “Kylie’s not confirming anything.” Which isn’t exactly a denial now is it?

At the end of the day it’s not the topic at hand that has my curiosity piqued; it is the constant back and forth passive aggressive battle for the limelight that Caitlyn Jenner seems to be playing all the time, that does.

Things that make me go “hmmm” indeed…