What's with all the missing people???

There is a bizarre trend that I’ve noticed over the summer months in Toronto. Actually, it’s been longer than that, it started when I switched back to all Canadian news feeds etc on my iPhone in May.

A lot of fucking people go missing in Toronto/Ontario/Canada.


Like, a lot of people. I’ve counted on some days as many as four. And they’re all ages, from as young as twelve, to ninety-two. Since I don’t believe in Aliens, like not really, I mean I do a little bit, in that I think they’re is other life on other planets, in our GIANT universe, I don’t believe they’re coming down here and snatching us up. Which leaves me feeling that this is an extremely disturbing trend.

It really, and truly makes me “go hmmm.”

Where are all these missing people going? Why do we not hear about when they’re found, except in the heartbreakingly, sad case of the young boy who was found last week, and not alive. Who’s job is it to share the extremely, uplifting, good news, about when missing people are found, alive, and well?

I’m happy to do that job if somebody in the know would like to get in touch with me. Because, honestly, to be blunt, to simply keep reading, each, and every day about a fellow human being out there missing, just upsets me to no end. And if I’m upset I can’t imagine how they’re feeling, or their loved ones!!

How are their loved ones coping?

Who are they with?

Are they afraid?

Are they aware that they are missing???

I mean, come on news outlets, you can’t just plaster the face of missing people all over your feed and then not let us know when they’ve been reunited with their people.

So, if you work for a Canadian news outlet, and you’re reading my daily musings. First THANKS SO MUCH! And two, would you mind kindly emailing me to alert me when missing people have been safely found, I’ll blog about it, and other people like me will be relieved. There’s enough bad news to weed through, all day, everyday how about sharing happy news with fellow concerned citizens too.

I thank you in advance.